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Mali Faces Hostage Situation as Gunmen Take Over Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Mali

In Bamako, the capital city of the West African Country of Mali, gunmen have taken control of the Radisson Blu luxury hotel holding 170 guests and staff as hostages. Turkish Airlines have reported that six staff members have been caught up in the incident. According to eye-witness reports from the ground there has been an […]

Boko Haram militants continue their terror in Nigeria

boko haram

The Islamist group Boko Haram has taken control of much of the northeastern town of Bama, 70 kilometers from the capital of Borno State, after several hours of intense fighting against the army, according to the testimony of residents cited by France Presse and Reuters. The Government security forces repelled the first assault on Monday […]

Boko Haram abducted 50 others in northern Nigeria

boko haram

At least 50 people have been kidnapped by suspected members of the radical Islamist militia Boko Haram in the city of Doron Baga, near Lake Chad, in Borno State, northern Nigeria, witnesses said Wednesday according to the BBC. The incident occurred on August 10, four months after the abduction of 200 girls in a school […]

UN mission in Libya evacuated after increased violence


The UN has evacuated staff from its mission in Libya (UNSMIL) due to the security situation in the country, which has continued to deteriorate in recent days with about a dozen deaths over the weekend. “Following the recent fighting on Sunday and because of the closure of the international airport in Tripoli, the mission concluded […]

At least 29 killed in two attacks on the Kenyan coast

russian tourist shot in kenya

Gunmen have killed at least 29 people in two attacks in the coastal area of Kenya this last Sunday night, as reported the Kenyan Ministry of Interior. The Somali Islamist group Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the two attacks, which occurred at a police station and a shopping center, although the country’s police responsible […]

21 killed in a bomb attack in Nigeria’s capital

nigeria blast kills 21

A strong explosion in a shopping mall in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, has killed at least 21 people, as reported by the police, cited by AFP, and wounding 17. The origin of the explosion is unknown stresses Reuters, though government spokesman Mike Omeri quoted by France Presse, confirms that the outbreak is the result of […]

Suspected Boko Haram attack causes 30 dead in Nigeria

boko haram

At least 30 people have died in a series of attacks attributed to militia Boko Haram according to local authorities and residents of the area. These murders were carried out during a series of attacks by insurgents in the village of Kummabza in Borno State (Nigeria), during the last seven days, according to residents who […]

Terrorist attack in Nigeria kills 13 football fans

football fans killed in suicide bombing

Several people have died from an explosion that occurred in the city of Damaturu, in the northern state of Yobe, in a room where several fans were concentrated to see the World Cup match on Tuesday. There are at least 13 dead and 20 wounded, according to a Reuters correspondent who is in the Hospital […]

Boko Haram Killed at least 45 in Nigeria

boko haram

Militants of the terrorist group Boko Haram, which still held captive to 219 girls abducted last April, have killed at least 45 people in the city of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria. Neighbors said that the attackers, who appeared to be preachers, opened fire on the crowd. The local media, as the Nigerian newspaper The Premium […]

At least 14 killed in a bomb blast in Nigeria

Mubi nigeria blast kills 14

At least 14 people have been killed in a busy city bar – Mubi in northeastern Nigeria, a bomb while customers were watching football game on TV, the Nigerian press has reported, pointing to the terrorist group Boko Haram as responsible for the attack. The bar was near a military base in the town, located […]

4 Nigerian Girls Escape from Captivity of Boko Haram

girls kidnapped by Boko Haram

Four of the girls abducted last month by the Nigerian militia Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria have escaped from their captors, who still have retained 219 other teenagers, according to the head of the Borno State Education, Inuwa Musa, reported Reuters. Girls were in a high school in the village of Chibok when an armed […]

Boko Haram kills 35 people in an attack in northeastern Nigeria

boko haram

Fighters of the terrorist group Boko Haram, which still has at least 219 captive girls abducted last April, have attacked three villages in northeastern Nigeria, Borno State, and killed at least 35 people, according to sources military and the inhabitants of the town. Dozens of members of Boko Haram dressed in military uniforms stormed villages […]


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