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$3.7 Million Worth of Vaccines for Children Wasted by Pakistan Health Officials

Pakistan Vaccines for Children Wasted

According to a senior health official, Pakistan has wasted $3.7 million worth of donated vaccines for children after failing to store them in the prescribed manner. The pentavalent vaccines were to prevent children from succumbing to deadly diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, meningitis and pneumonia. These vaccines require cold temperatures in storage but the […]

19 Imported Food Items in Pakistan include Haram ingredients according to Government Official

Pakistan haram imported food items

The National Assembly committee was shocked when Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mian Ijaz presented a list of 19 packed food items sold in Pakistan which included haram ingredients. According to Mr. Ijaz, the ministry does not have the authority to prevent the sale of these items, which include two brands […]

Pakistan Medical Association to Observe Strike Today

Doctors in Pakistan on Strike

In order to demonstrate their protest against the kidnappings and target killings of doctors, the Pakistan Medical Association will go on strike today, Monday. Speaking to reports on Sunday, the Pakistan Medical Association’s President, Dr Abdul Aziz Lehri stated that the strike would be observed in government and private hospitals throughout the country. According to […]

7 Children Died After Measles Vaccination in Pakistan

measles vaccinaton deaths in pakistan

Seven children have reportedly died during the ongoing 12 days long anti-measles vaccination campaign in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Four children died in Charsadda and three lost their lives in Peshawer after they were immunized with measles vaccine. Measles vaccination campaign was initiated by the Ministry of National Health to mark the World Immunisation Week […]

Pakistan Foreign Office Claims No Ban on Citizens Traveling Abroad

Pakistan foreign office claims no ban on travelling abroad by WHO

The Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has claimed that there is no ban on Pakistani nationals to travel abroad imposed by WHO. She clarified that WHO has recommended Polio vaccination for Pakistanis before embarking on an international journey. She said that WHO only recommended and not restricted. The spokesperson said that Pakistan has raised the […]

Pakistan Will Set Up Polio Immunisation Counters at Airports

Polio Pakistan

Pakistan will be setting up polio vaccination counters on all international airports and other point of entries to comply with the recommendations of the World Heal Organization recommendations. WHO had recommended mandatory polio vaccination of all the Pakistanis traveling abroad on Monday May 5, 2014. There had already been 59 cases of polio in Pakistan […]

Coronavirus Infected Patients in Saudi Arabia increased 86% in April

coronavirus in middle east

In two years, the new coronavirus that appeared in the Middle East has affected at least 723 people, of which 131 have died, according to the last count of the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC). These figures have soared in the last month, where  cases only in Saudi Arabia increased by 86 %. In […]

WHO Recommends Mandatory Polio Vaccination for Pakistanis Traveling Abroad

WHO recommends travel restrictions on Pakistan

World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that all travelers from Pakistan, Syria and Cameron must get vaccinated for polio before starting their international journey. WHO also recommended that all these three countries must declare a national health emergency to eradicate the polio virus. According to reports, the recent cases of polio in other parts of […]

WHO Warns about Spread of Resistant Bacteria

WHO Warns of Superbugs

The problem of resistance to diseases is not new, but the WHO has tried for the first time, put numbers. Therefore, it has asked the 194 countries that are members of the organization to send the most recent data they have. And there has emerged the first problem: only 114 had information about any of […]

Pope Francis and the Royals follow Carlo Petrini the father of Slow Food

Carlo Petrini

The strength of a man or woman has been measured throughout history by their number of followers. Faithful followers, fellow, supporters, sympathizers, supporters… Followers. Carlo Petrini does not have Twitter, but a tide of hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide – and growing – between now included Pope Francisco and, for years, Prince Charles. But […]

Mice with Alzheimer recovered with gene memory are humans next

Alzheimer recovered with gene

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, those affected begin to lose the ability to learn and memorize. Thus, one can not remember their house, neighborhood bakery, his own children in some cases and even where he got married. Good news is that some Spanish scientists have successfully reversed Alzheimer in mice, the memory loss […]

The evolution of manhood 36 Y chromosome genes also present in X

The evolution of manhood 36 Y chromosome

It was thought that the few genes that fit the Y chromosome were used for little more than trigger the development of fetal testes to produce sperm. Two papers from the University of Lausanne and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston) now show that the human Y chromosome originated at the time of separation between […]


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