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Gunmen kidnapped twenty Christians in Syria

iraq and syria

An armed group linked to Nusra Front, considered Al Qaeda affiliate group in Syria, a Syrian kidnapped several Franciscan priest and faithful Qunayeh Syrian town near the border with Turkey, late Sunday 5 October. This is confirmed Tuesday the Holy Land, a division of the Franciscan order, primarily covering Israel, Palestinian and Syrian territories. In […]

United States and a coalition of Arab countries attack Islamic state in Syria


United States and several allies have launched the first air strikes against Syrian positions on jihadist group Islamic State, specifically on Raqa province, a stronghold of the jihadists facto, on the border with Iraq, the Pentagon has confirmed. ” Forces of the United States and allied nations have begun attacks on EI in Syria using […]

Growing pressure on Obama to expand campaign against EI

USA president Barack Obama

With an American citizen beheaded at the hands of the Islamic State, and members of both parties claimed that the president extend the military campaign against the Caliphate of terror. The slaughter a second has not only increased the pressure to the point that Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, announced on Wednesday his decision to present […]

Dutch police seized passports of 2 families who wanted to join EI

dutch passport

The Dutch police have seized the passport of two families, consisting of two allegedly willing to travel to Syria to join the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI). Together, the partners resident in Huizen (Midwest), have six minor children, eight months and nine years. It is the first time that a measure of this kind, […]

Gunmen retains 43 UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights

iraq and syria

An armed group retained 43 UN peacekeepers, originating in Fiji, the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, as confirmed by the office of the secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon in New York. The soldiers belong to UNDOF, Force UN Disengagement Observer, a mission established in 1974, after the Yom Kippur War, in order to maintain peace in […]

Turkey bid to be ‘humanitarian power’ in region

turkey flag

Surrounded by countries at war and two “humanitarian catastrophe ” in Syria and Iraq, Turkey has become a country of refuge and humanitarian assistance origin for different populations in the region. In recent days, Turkey has announced that it is building two fields for Yazidis and others displaced in northern Iraq near the Iraqi cities […]

Islamic State claims to have killed 250 Syrian army personals

iraq and syria

The jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) have killed dozens of Syrian troops after taking Tabqa air base in the province of Raqa, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), an NGO based in London and field staff. The military complex was conquered by the fundamentalists of EI on Sunday and after weeks […]

Jihadist US citizen killed in Syria

Douglas McAuthur McCain

The White House has confirmed that an American citizen was killed last weekend in Syria, where he allegedly traveled with the intention of fighting for the extremist group Islamic State (EI). “We knew the presence of the American citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain in Syria and we can confirm his death,” the spokesman of the National […]

Journalist Curtis returns to the USA after two years captivity in Syria

Peter Theo Curtis

The American journalist Peter Theo Curtis returned home on Tuesday night after two years of captivity in Syria at the hands of a militia linked to Al Qaeda, and after his release became known last Sunday, his family said in statement picked up by local media. Curtis, 45, flew from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Newark […]

Syrian regime used chlorine gas at least 8 times in April

chlorine gas

A commission of inquiry into United Nations (UN) has accused the Syrian government of using chemical agents in eight separate incidents in April, according to a new report by the international body on war crimes in the area. Specifically, it was used for 10 days in April chlorine gas on the population of the villages […]

UN estimates 191,000 dead during war in Syria

iraq and syria

The dead for more than three years of war in Syria are already 191,369. This has been documented UN on Friday, in a report commissioned by the human rights office clarifies that the figure probably underestimates the number of deaths because in some cases “missing elements of verification.” The document, based on five different sources, […]

Extortion: Source of Islamic State finances

Islamic State

The German government disavowed minister on Friday blamed Qatar Islamic State funding (EI). But the slip holder Development, Gerd Müller, has brought to light a suspicion that is often repeated in Iraq. Even the Prime Minister in office now, Nuri al-Maliki, said the rich Emirate and Saudi Arabia as blame for the current situation. What […]


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