Syrian regime used chlorine gas at least 8 times in April

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chlorine gas

A commission of inquiry into United Nations (UN) has accused the Syrian government of using chemical agents in eight separate incidents in April, according to a new report by the international body on war crimes in the area. Specifically, it was used for 10 days in April chlorine gas on the population of the villages of Kafr Zeita, and Tal Al-Tamana’a Minnis. Witnesses claim to have seen helicopters dropping barrels with chlorine gas and have noticed the distinctive smell that spread on impact.

The report also notes that medical personnel to provide treatment reported similar to those of any chemical agent symptoms, ie vomiting, skin and eye irritation and respiratory problems. Chlorine gas in its pure state is somewhat less harmful than other compounds of military use such as mustard gas, but can also kill and has been used in various wars.

The UN report also notes that the Islamic State (EI) has made frequent public executions that citizens, including children, were forced to contemplate. The EI, which controls the northern and eastern Syria, is one of the groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a conflict that lasted four years.

The period analyzes the UN report coincides with the deployment of EI in Syria. The commission reports that “EI members have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Aleppo and Raqa, including torture, murder, forced disappearances and displacements of the population.” “The EI is a clear danger to the public, particularly for minorities, are under his command in Syria and the region,” says Paulo Pinheiro, President of the UN commission.

Investigators also accuse the EI also installed in northern Iraq, to practice their victims amputations, public executions and beatings. “The bodies of those killed are left for days at sight, terrorizing the population. In Raqa, children up to 10 years were recruited and trained in camps for war,” says the report, which warns of the consequences for the entire region.

Government forces of Bashar al-Assad, meanwhile, have also committed atrocities, including rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity. Between January and July, hundreds of men, women and children were killed by indiscriminate fire from the Syrian army, with missiles and bombs on populated areas. In some cases, there is clear evidence that meetings were deliberately targeted civilians, provoking massacres, the report says.

The commission reports that the soldiers of Bashar al-Assad in checkpoints prevented reaching wounded civilians to hospitals. Hospitals have been targeted and government forces have prevented them from reaching medical aid and supplies of medicines and surgical supplies. In Syrian prisons, detainees are subjected to horrific torture and sexual violence. The methods used and the conditions of detainees confirm the systematic torture and deaths of numerous prisoners.

“The international community has failed in its most basic duty, to protect civilians, stop and prevent atrocities and create a path of transparency, which agreed on the ground with the abandonment of even the pretense of adherence to international law,” said Pinheiro. The researchers say that there is a real possibility that the conflict, which has already penetrated Iraq, extends throughout the region.

Last week, the United States announced that neutralization of the chemical arsenal which gave Syria was completed offshore. The destruction of chemical compounds, 581 tons of ” precursor chemicals ” to produce sarin and 19.8 tons of mustard gas agents to make as accurate AFP, was faster than expected although the complex international operation was plagued by delays. After an alleged attack with sarin gas in 2013 on the outskirts of Damascus, in which hundreds died, the Assad regime agreed in September last year the Russian proposal to deliver its chemical arsenal to prevent a missile attack from EE UU.

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