Abbas calls on Hamas to cede power in Gaza Strip

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 9:09:21 by
Mahmood Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to break their alliance with Hamas if Islamists insist handle Gaza as if they were still in power. Under the agreement signed in April between all Palestinian factions, a Cabinet of unity, technocrat, who since June 2 has the mandate to rule in both Gaza and the West Bank was created, but claims that Abbas is not leaving it to operate freely in the coastal enclave since Hamas commands a ” shadow government ” that prevents this.

“We can not keep working this way with Hamas. There are 27 secretaries of ministries operating from the Strip, but the national consensus government can not do anything on the ground “, denounced the Palestinian President in a meeting with journalists in Cairo. There will be three days arguing with his new Arab League plan to end the Israeli occupation.

Abbas claims that former Hamas officials continue to exercise its power in Gaza, as they had since 2007, took the Administration. ” If you do not accept a Palestinian state with one government, one law and one weapon, then there will be no alliance between us,” Abbas said. “It is our condition and we will not go back.”

The formation of Abbas, Fatah, has spent seven years deep enmity with Hamas after the Islamist party – militia expel Gaza to the Palestinian National Authority. Now a global agreement had come to make peace between the parties, but with conditions. One is the integration of all armed militias in the Palestinian security forces, for which Hamas has not taken one step. “The alliance with Hamas depends on which weapons are under the control of the Palestinian state,” said the president. Along with the end of the geographical division of the Palestinian territories, the police union is key to the process unit. With a rare sincerity in him, Abbas told reporters that his patience, not only with Israel and the United States but with Hamas, ” expired”.

President also reminded that diplomacy and security is maintained, according to the covenant under its power; that it determines to sign a peace or declare war, an end that has drawn criticism within Hamas. The local press has echoed the Islamists upset by the ” escalation of arrests and citations,” the Palestinian police is imposing on its people in the West Bank. The party – militia called even ” not cooperating ” with the agents.

Islamists, by Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman, Abbas demanded to stop the internal dialogue to bring the media and said that the allegations of the president ” without merit ” and ” are not correct.” “They have nothing to do with the truth,” he added. ” Soon,” Abu Zuhri advanced, there will be a bilateral meeting to discuss the evolution of the Executive Unit. The spokesman stressed that Abbas ‘s words are ” unfair to the people and the resistance.” This statement is a nod to the Palestinians who support them, by the upward current of sympathy generated by maintaining the pulse to Israel for 50 days in the last military offensive on Gaza.

Operation Margin Protector had just frozen work unit of the new Cabinet, which must end his term later this year or early 2015, when presidential and legislative elections now seem very distant are called. Now, after two weeks of respite, disagreements arise again between nationalists and religious, who were also evident in the negotiations with Israel.

Abbas acknowledged in an interview last week with its allies anger, because ultimately signed a ceasefire with the same conditions as were offered at the beginning of the crisis, which could have prevented some deaths. Yesterday the president also warred with Hamas by statistics. He argued that the Islamists have only lost 50 members in the Israeli offensive and that is Fatah, his party, which has buried 861 militants.

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