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Swedish ambassador to Israel calls for recognition of Palestine


Israel convene the Swedish ambassador in Tel Aviv to protest the announcement of Stockholm that recognize Palestine as a state. The new Swedish Prime Minister, the Social Stefan Löfven, said Friday in his first parliamentary speech that Sweden will be the first active member of the European Union to recognize Palestine as a state. The […]

Fatah and Hamas announced that Palestinian Authority will control Gaza


The Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions, which respectively control the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, agreed Thursday that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) rule in Gaza ” immediately”. As stated at various agencies negotiators of both groups in Cairo, the Islamist Hamas support the PA President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, which aims to […]

Abbas calls on Hamas to cede power in Gaza Strip

Mahmood Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to break their alliance with Hamas if Islamists insist handle Gaza as if they were still in power. Under the agreement signed in April between all Palestinian factions, a Cabinet of unity, technocrat, who since June 2 has the mandate to rule in both Gaza and the West Bank […]

Indefinite ceasefire in Gaza agreed


Palestinian and Israeli negotiators reached yesterday lasting ceasefire after 50 days of the Gaza offensive. At seven pm  came into force on cessation of hostilities resisted for more than one month. It is best that no end date, like other temporary truces raped, that did not end with Operation Margin Protector, in which 2,138 Palestinians […]

Main challenge in Gaza: reconstruction of more than 17,000 homes

gaza strip shelling by israel

Gaza begins again. What makes illusion, who is confident that, this time, the new truce open the door to a lasting peace that will not break in a year or two, with a new offensive. The streets of Gaza, and for a long time still covered with rubble, this morning are full of life, with […]

Hamas executes 18 for collaborating with Israel


Hamas has killed 18 Palestinians accusing them of collaborating with Israel. News agency Al Ray has confirmed, linked to the Islamist organization, and own TV group, adding that all the dead were men, were killed in a police station Capital Gaza and had previously been ” convicted by the courts “. The agency Maan added […]

Israel kills 3 Hamas commanders in an airstrike in Gaza

gaza strip shelling by israel

Hamas and Israel ‘s intelligence services (Shin Bet) have confirmed that three of the six dead in Gaza early this morning are high commanders of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamist organization. It is Raed al- Attar, Mohammed and Mohammed Abu Shamala Barhoum. The first two are regarded as the principal […]

Hamas military commander’s wife and 3 years old son killed by Israel

israel shelling on gaza

Hamas has accused Israel of directly attacking Mohamed Deif, the commander of its armed wing in Gaza. It has not transcended if Mohamed Deif is alive or dead, not even if he was in the house of Sheikh Radwan neighborhood at the time of the attack. According to medical sources in the Gaza three killed […]

Israeli army responds to firing of three rockets from Gaza

day of anger west bank palestine

Eight hours of the end of the new truce between Israel and Palestinian factions, three rockets fired from Gaza have broken in practice a ceasefire, however, no one has yet said it is officially finished. The three projectiles have impacted on open areas of central Israel, between Netivot and Be’er Sheva, an area with 200,000 […]

Israel, Palestinians skeptical to resume negotiations

day of anger west bank palestine

Negotiators from Israel and the Palestinian factions are returning this morning their meeting in Cairo to reach an agreement to bring calm, either indefinitely or for a long time, on both sides of the Gaza border. After that on the night of Wednesday to Thursday were agreed five days of truce  that ends 23.59 Monday  […]

10,000 wounded still have limited access to Gaza hospitals


The UN last week warned that the health system in Gaza was ” on the brink “. Now, during the truce, the ravine was only a few millimeters away. The need to accommodate 10,181 wounded remains “borderline” hospitals. “It’s a frustrating challenge. Dozens of people remain in critical condition and not expected to survive. They […]

Israel and Hamas in Cairo continue negotiation as truce expires

day of anger west bank palestine

When it’s midnight, will end the three-day truce that Israel and the Palestinian factions were taken to reach a political agreement to end Operation Margin Protector and restore calm to the two sides of the Gaza border. Time is running out and therefore contacts are accelerated in these final hours. At about eleven o’clock, the […]


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