Fatah and Hamas announced that Palestinian Authority will control Gaza

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The Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions, which respectively control the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, agreed Thursday that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) rule in Gaza ” immediately”. As stated at various agencies negotiators of both groups in Cairo, the Islamist Hamas support the PA President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, which aims to establish an independent Palestinian State which respects the pre- war Israeli borders 1967 and includes Gaza and the occupied West Bank. The ANP monitor, according to the announcement, the borders between Gaza and Israel. It is one of the conditions for the ceasefire agreement reached in August by the Palestinians and Israel after a devastating Israeli military operation 50 days in which more than 2,100 Palestinians in Gaza and more than 70 Israelis were killed is implemented.

The reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas was sealed in the paper last spring, when Abbas announced a unity government for all Palestine. Shortly after they presented an executive who has not come to take over Gaza and isolated Israel surrounded by a blockage in the Egyptian neighbors are active. The system established by the Egyptian coup that deposed the government of the Islamist regime in 2013 Mohamed Morsi is hostile to Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi deposed.

Palestinian West Bank and Gaza regions separated in fact after a brief civil war in 2007 From the April agreement, Palestinian reconciliation encountered in serious financial trouble and the opposition of Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Abbas of negotiating with terrorists who seek Israel’s destruction. The military offensive in July and August was a parenthesis showed the profound differences between the two Palestinian factions. However, Fatah and Hamas negotiated together, with mediation egipcia- terms of the ceasefire with the Israelis.

According to the announcement on Thursday, the ANP will be responsible for the outstanding public servants in Gaza, suffocated public funds from the regional administration Gazan payments. Receivable follow several months of wages of more than 40,000 civil servants in Gaza. It will also perform the ANP of the daunting tasks of rebuilding after the Israeli invasion that left thousands of destroyed houses and severely damaged much of the private and public infrastructure. Hamas has serious problems of survival since losing the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. But the casualties inflicted by his militiamen to overwhelmingly superior Israeli military, which fit 66 deaths among their ranks, shot the popularity of the Islamist organization, considered a terrorist group by the European Union and the United States.

The Palestinians want to regulate with UN control of border crossings between Gaza and Israel. The linking Gaza with Egypt in the southern town of Rafah is not part of the deal announced Thursday.

Hamas, Fatah and Israel resume late next month’s talks, always indirect and international mediation. The Palestinians want to present a common front against the Israelis with this boost to their unity deal. On 12 October he also held a donor conference to finance the reconstruction of the Palestinian coastal region.

The Palestinian unity government proposed to hold elections in all territories before the end of the year. Despite the announcement Thursday, the Palestinians have yet to settle the details of financing and also the fate of the armed and security forces in Gaza, controlled by Hamas today.

On Friday in New York, weakened and almost octogenarian President Abbas will give a speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations in which he called the “internationalization” of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in order to end the Israeli occupation and pave the way a Palestinian state with full rights.

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