Indefinite ceasefire in Gaza agreed

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Palestinian and Israeli negotiators reached yesterday lasting ceasefire after 50 days of the Gaza offensive. At seven pm  came into force on cessation of hostilities resisted for more than one month. It is best that no end date, like other temporary truces raped, that did not end with Operation Margin Protector, in which 2,138 Palestinians have been killed and another 10,300 -490 -Under wounded, plus six civilians, including one child- and 64 fallen service and a hundred wounded, among Israelis.

The agreement that has convinced Israelis and Palestinians based on the easing of the siege on Gaza, imposed by Israel since 2007, when Hamas took power and has left its people to the brink of humanitarian crisis. As confirmed by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in charge of announcing the deal from Ramallah, will open immediately the main border crossings with Israel to enter medical help and supplies essential for a reconstruction whose cost is estimated at not less than 4,500 million euros. That only to repair the torn over 5,200 Israeli attacks; Palestinian militants fired 4,562 rockets into Israel. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to let concrete or steel for fear that were used, for example, to build tunnels.

The Rafah crossing, sources from the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine, will also open. South border with Egypt, will be controlled by the Palestinian government staff. As Abbas stressed convince Hamas that the new executive would assume this function unit has taken time but was decisive.

Gradually also the area where fishermen can fish, which has gone down over the years from 20 to just three initials expanded. Now it will take six. The sea is a pillar of the local economy.

Then, after a month, the indirect contacts between the negotiating teams will resume with Egypt again as an intermediary, and matters of greater significance, such as rebuilding the airport and the port of Gaza and the release of hundreds of prisoners will be addressed Islamists released in 2011 in exchange for the soldier Gilad Shalit and arrested again this summer. Although it has been parked for now, Israel could seek the demilitarization of militias through a UN resolution backed by the United States, according to local press.

The formula agreed by glut -more and pressures that conviction is not ambitious but allows peace. Now open 30 -day test.

Israel insists it has taken a ” doubt blow” to Hamas, killing thousand militiamen and 30% lowering its arsenal, but Hamas sees the opposite, that his is the ” victory of the resistance ” and that the Army “has failed “. The conclusion of the agreement opened way through rubble in Gaza. The Israeli media, however, but stressed the normalcy return south, Netanyahu remarked on that to have opposed him three of his ministers (Avigdor Lieberman, Yitzhak Aharonovich Naftali Bennett, far right). Channel 2 said that this deal with “terrorists ” will be the political order and Netanyahu Haaretz headline: “Hamas 1 0 Israel “, because at least in the Gaza situation will improve gradually.

Secretary-General Ban Ki -moon has welcomed the ceasefire and warned that any violation would be “totally irresponsible.” It has, moreover, that the blockade of Gaza must end insisted.

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