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Indefinite ceasefire in Gaza agreed


Palestinian and Israeli negotiators reached yesterday lasting ceasefire after 50 days of the Gaza offensive. At seven pmĀ  came into force on cessation of hostilities resisted for more than one month. It is best that no end date, like other temporary truces raped, that did not end with Operation Margin Protector, in which 2,138 Palestinians […]

Dutch man returns a medal after Israel’s offensive on Gaza

Henk Zanoli

A 91 years Dutch has returned the honorary title to Israel he received after saving a Jewish boy during the Nazi occupation in protest at the Gaza offensive, after six of his relatives passed away during an Israeli offensive on the Gaza last month. Man, Henk Zanoli, was declared “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1943 […]

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations begin in Cairo


Current truce between Israel and Palestinian militants is the easy part of the solution. Calm by calm silence let hear what the parties have to say. The tricky thing is to marry demands among which there is an abyss. The clock is ticking and the extension of the ceasefire seems the only way to allow […]

Israel and Hamas respected first 24 hours of truce in Gaza


The Israeli army, Hamas militias – group that controls the Gaza Strip since 2007 and Islamic Jihad scrupulously fulfilled the first day of a 72 hours ceasefire, which began on Tuesday at 8.00 pm and end on Friday at 8:00 local time, no attacks have occurred and no deaths in either of the two sides. […]

U.S. and UN blame Hamas for failure of ceasefire

israel shelling on gaza

United States has not hesitated to draw Hamas as the main, if not only responsible for the violation of the last humanitarian ceasefire with Israel that had both side negotiate to Washington. From the White House to Secretary of State, John Kerry, who had personally announced Thursday the latest attempt truce, the conviction was overwhelming […]

Hamas denies capturing Israeli soldier


Hamas has acknowledged on Saturday his responsibility in the ambush on Friday in which an Israeli soldier was captured, but said the attack preceded the onset of humanitarian truce that took effect early Friday morning and lasted just hour and a half of the 72 planned, so as the Islamist group, did not violate the […]

Israel and Hamas blame each other for violating ceasefire

Israel launches offensive against Palestine

The ceasefire for Gaza agreed between Israel and Palestinian factions which came into force at eight in the morning of Friday has been fragile. At least 50 Palestinians have been killed from the second hour of the truce by Israeli tanks and artillery attacks, mostly in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza, as […]

Is Egypt losing role as mediator between Israel and Palestine?


After the dismal failure of its peace initiative last week, Egypt has lost the role of mediator who had served in previous conflicts in Gaza. The change in the geopolitical balance of the region and, especially, its bad relations with Hamas have compromised its credibility and effectiveness as an intermediary. However, the gap left has […]

UN criticizes United States for blocking resolutions against Israel

Navi Pillay

The High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has accused Israel on Thursday of violating international law in its fight against Hamas. Since last week, at a Council meeting in which member countries participated, the Commissioner noted that some of the Israeli attacks would violate international law. Pillay has condemned the Army attacks againstĀ  civilian […]

Israel suspends truce after Hamas rocket fire

Israeli invasion of Gaza

At about ten o’clock Sunday shelling returned to the Gaza Strip, after 24 hours without Israeli fire on Palestinian region. On Saturday, Israel and the Palestinian factions respected twelve hour ceasefire Israeli Security Cabinet unilaterally decided to extend for another 24 hours. Hamas militias did not support the ceasefire and resumed firing rockets at Israel […]

Israeli attack on UN Shelter in Gaza killed 16 Palestinians

UN Shelter shelled by Israel

A dozen Palestinians were killed Thursday in an Israeli raid on a school – shelter run by the UN Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, reports the correspondent HOME Nearby, Juan Gomez. UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has confirmed that the school, which served as a shelter […]

Major airlines canceled flights to Israel

Federal Aviation Administration

All U.S. airlines and much of Europe on Tuesday suspended all its flights to Israel. The drastic measure taken after as shell from the Palestinian Gaza hit a house near the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States has banned all U.S. carriers flying for 24 hours. […]


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