Israel suspends truce after Hamas rocket fire

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 10:42:55 by
Israeli invasion of Gaza

At about ten o’clock Sunday shelling returned to the Gaza Strip, after 24 hours without Israeli fire on Palestinian region. On Saturday, Israel and the Palestinian factions respected twelve hour ceasefire Israeli Security Cabinet unilaterally decided to extend for another 24 hours. Hamas militias did not support the ceasefire and resumed firing rockets at Israel on Saturday night. The Israeli military announced this morning resumed their “activities ” in the Strip.

The echo of the bombs on the eastern perimeter of Gaza was well visible from the west coast.

The twelve-hour truce Palestinians served to assess the damage taken since Israel began its massive operation against Gaza last July 8. Thousands of people came for the first time in many days in the areas hardest hit by the bombing. In Shiyaiya, east of Gaza City, no stone is left unturned. Neighbors were trying to recover the bodies of their relatives among the ruins of the district before the end of the ceasefire.

Similar to Shiyaiya is the war scenario in Beit Hanun, heavily bombed in the last days. La, near the Erez crossing, northern town has been the scene of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants. Many houses were still burning Saturday morning as thousands of Palestinians tried to salvage belongings from the rubble apparel.

In the twelve hours of truce, Palestinians in Gaza recovered more than 130 bodies, many of whom had more than a week buried under houses Shiyaiya. The death toll now exceeds 1,030.

About 200 were children. Three out of four civilians. Israel has suffered 41 military and 3 civilian casualties since July 8.

Israeli bombs also caused a tremendous carnage among cattle and other farm animals in eastern Gaza. Many farmers have lost their means of survival, with consequent damage to the supply of food in Gaza.

The diplomatic efforts of the United States and Egypt for a ceasefire are proving useless. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority demanded the lifting of the blockade on Gaza as a condition for peace in the short term. The Erez crossing is closed up tight for hours. Israeli heavy artillery pounded the Sunday morning east of Gaza, for hours.

Shortly after Israel ‘s military operations resume on Sunday, a spokesman for the Palestinian emergency services, Ashraf al- Qudra, has reported the deaths of three people shot by Israeli artillery. Two of the victims have occurred near the border and one in Khan Yunis, according to France Press.

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