U.S. and UN blame Hamas for failure of ceasefire

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 5:12:18 by
israel shelling on gaza

United States has not hesitated to draw Hamas as the main, if not only responsible for the violation of the last humanitarian ceasefire with Israel that had both side negotiate to Washington. From the White House to Secretary of State, John Kerry, who had personally announced Thursday the latest attempt truce, the conviction was overwhelming and unequivocal.

“The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack ” Hamas has killed two Israeli soldiers and the capture of another probable military, Kerry said on Friday. In an appearance at the White House, President Barack Obama said: ” If [ Hamas ] that mean it wants to resolve this situation, you have to free the soldier unconditionally as soon as possible.” With respect to a new ceasefire, “will be difficult and will take some time,” but ” we will keep trying.”

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki- moon also said he was ” deeply disappointed” by the violation of the truce and ” concerned” about the resumption of the offensive.

Harsh U.S. words against Hamas, the White House called “wild” the violation of the ceasefire, and its demand to immediately release the officer caught are not just a sign of their almost unconditionally support Israel if somewhat edgy since the attack on a UN shelter school. What U.S. fears is that recaptures lead to government of Benjamin Netanyahu to order a wider military action end up twitching even the most moderate Palestinian factions. ” West Bank is a tinderbox, indignation is very high and the potential for an explosion that’s real, especially if Israel gives Hamas a tougher response,” said former U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, Martin Indyk, in MSNBC.

“We are at a very dangerous crossroads at which we must do everything possible to save the ceasefire,” said the former head of the initiative to host a dialogue Kerry Palestinian- Israeli peace that failed in April.

One of the problems is the growing tension between Israel and the USA. Israel has criticized Kerry for ceasefire he tried to close not only with Egypt but with Turkey and Qatar. To this Washington’s growing impatience with the high number of civilians killed in Gaza joins, especially after the “totally unacceptable and indefensible ” attack on the UN school.

Still, for the expert on relations between the U.S. and Israel at the Brookings Institution, Natan Sachs, this is a ” marginal ” tension will not affect the “deep ” bilateral alliance. However, he admitted that the tension could increase if Israel steps up its offensive in Gaza, which ” may be the tactic of Hamas to further isolate Israel and cause more tensions in their relations not only with Europe but also with the United States,” explains.

“So the most important thing right now is to get back to the Hamas official, return to the ceasefire and allow the continuation of the negotiations,” said Sachs.

In an attempt to pressure Hamas, Kerry appealed Friday to Qatar and Turkey, who “implored that use their influence to do all they can to ensure that the [ Israeli ] soldier is returned,” reports Reuters. The Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, Ankara offered to help secure the release of official and a new ceasefire. ” The important thing is that the truce is restored. To achieve this, we will, along with others, all necessary to solve the issue of soldier steps, ” Davutoglu said.

Hamas has denied that it violated the ceasefire as the incident which UN, US and Israel claim have caused the failure of the planned 72 hours truce took place hours before the ceasefire even came into effect.

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