Israeli-Palestinian negotiations begin in Cairo

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Current truce between Israel and Palestinian militants is the easy part of the solution. Calm by calm silence let hear what the parties have to say. The tricky thing is to marry demands among which there is an abyss. The clock is ticking and the extension of the ceasefire seems the only way to allow time for diplomacy. Both parties were given 72 hours from eight in the morning on Tuesday to agree on a lasting solution but it seems very hard to resolve a conflict in that period of years.

Israel and Egyptian mediators favor of extending the term. “We hope the ceasefire can be extended to give negotiations a real option, extending as much as possible and becomes a permanent ceasefire,” said Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukry Wednesday. Meanwhile, Musa abu Marzuz, one of the representatives of Hamas in the negotiations in Cairo, said in his Twitter account that there is no agreement to prolong the truce.

The demands of the Islamists are already ” all the Palestinian people.” President Mahmoud Abbas and the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) have made them his. Involve total withdrawal of Israel from Gaza, the end of the blockade imposed in 2007, when Hamas took power- the release of prisoners -primarily faction over 500 arrested in raids in June after the disappearance and murder three young Jews in the West Bank and international aid for reconstruction.

Israel demands the full demilitarization of the Palestinian Gaza and garantistas measures to prevent rearmament. ” This will be achieved the longest possible stability and security for the country period,” said Mark Regev, spokesman for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Izzat Rishq, senior Hamas official, contends that its armed wing ” will kill anyone who dares to take the weapons of the resistance.”

Netanyahu was pleased that ” the situation is better and safer than it was before the operation,” a claim that relies on the destruction of tunnels and damage to commands and arsenals of the Islamists. “Our goal was and remains to protect civilians [ Israelis],” he recalled. The prime minister defended the attacks as ” provided”, said he regretted the death of civilians, adding: “They were neither our aim nor our enemy. The tragedy of Gaza is tyranny and fanaticism of Hamas. “

Both parties acknowledge that a settlement straddling the demands of each other can be achieved. The United States has argued, through his Secretary of State, John Kerry, opening steps to help introduce basic goods in Gaza to rebuild the area and give more “freedom ” to the Gazans. That endorsement could lead Washington to open the crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Palestinian sources confirmed that Egyptian intelligence had considered the situation and, with the American push, could enter.

Hamas, knowing that the full end of the blockade is a chimera, asks for concrete steps, such as a port and an airport. Israel does not rule starting, but does not want Hamas control. The solution could be international supervision there is talk of the EU. The main Israeli analysts recognize that leaving Gaza in the hands of the new Palestinian unity government, even if it includes Hamas would also be the least bad start.

The Israelis, with support from the United States, know that demilitarization can not be complete immediately, but can also be done as part of the new Palestinian Cabinet, which has among its end and integrating militia members in law enforcement purposes. Netanyahu links that disarmament permission to let what is needed to rebuild Gaza. Damages exceed 5,000 million euros. If anything scratch each other, they may decide to maintain the current truce, until, in the classical loop area, have a major crisis again.

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