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Abbas closes ranks with Hamas

Mehmud Abbas Palestine president

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has endorsed the demands of Hamas to the negotiating table with Israel to the offensive against the Gaza Strip. This morning, in a meeting with the highest decision-making body, Abbas has chosen to support Hamas conditions to reach a ceasefire, the key point is the end of the blockade imposed on […]

UN and US pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza

Ban Ki-moon

The chief U.S. diplomat, John Kerry, arrived Monday in Cairo with something to offer: $ 47 million for humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip. The engagement was announced shortly after meeting with Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki -moon, who is also in Egypt – traditional mediator in the conflict between Israel and […]

Netanyahu defends military offensive with strong international support

Israeli prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu’s armor does not break. Data of Palestinian civilian casualties do not change his approach because the operation in Gaza, he insists, ground advance was the “only way” to ensure the security of Israelis. The prime minister, in a round of interviews to international media such as CNN and Fox, argued that “there is […]

Artillery shell hits hospital in Gaza killing 4

Israeli invasion of Gaza

A shell fired by a tank has impacted on Monday on the third floor of the Al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah, where the Intensive Care Unit and several operating rooms were located. The explosion has left at least four dead and 16 wounded, including medical staff, according to the Health Ministry spokesman quoted by […]

Erdogun says Israeli actions barbaric than Hitler


Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has lambasted Israel for its invasion of Gaza strip that has killed over 400 Palestinians and called Israeli action as “disproportionate” and more barbaric than Hitler. Unites States quickly responded to the statement calling it “offensive”. Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed a political gathering in the city of Ordu and […]

Netanyahu wins extreme right with ground operation

Israeli prime minister

In a country like Israel, where alliances crises always prevent legislatures to take unanimous decisions, Gaza has emerged as the new touchstone of governance, an opportune time for each faction to try to impose their own vision. The fight is hard on the right wing, with ministers Avigdor Lieberman, foreign minister, and Naftali Bennett, head […]

Death toll in Gaza exceed 330 as Israel maintain its positions

Israeli ivasion of gaza

The second night since the start of the ground invasion of Gaza resulted in 26 Palestinians killed and four Israeli soldiers injured, one of them in a road accident. The Israeli army has killed 330 Palestinians since the beginning of Operation Margin Protector on Gaza in the early hours of July 8. 72 of them […]

Israeli aggression exacerbated water shortage in Gaza


The large crater newly opened by a powerful Israeli missile on Zimmo road, a rural area of eastern Gaza, almost overflowing sewage yesterday morning. A squad of technicians pumped the gap of almost 15 meters in diameter with a powerful machine. At the edge of the hole, the director of the municipal water supply in […]

Netanyahu orders Army to expand ground offensive in Gaza

Israeli ivasion of gaza

The first night of the Israeli ground offensive against Gaza has killed at least 20 Palestinians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered Friday morning to intensify the raid. “I have given instructions to prepare to significantly expand ground operation and the Army is responding accordingly,” he said after a meeting of his security cabinet. The […]

Crossfire resumed after end of truce in Gaza

israel shelling on gaza

Shortly after the expiry, at three pm local time, the five-hour humanitarian truce, Palestinian militias have resumed rocket fire, according to the Israeli press. Israel, meanwhile, has responded by launching a missile in Beit Lahiya, an open area north of the Strip. Nothing or no fatalities. Israeli delegates in Cairo to negotiate a ceasefire with […]

Israel orders Gaza 100,000 Palestinians to evacuate their homes

israel shelling on gaza

Israel on Tuesday night continued their bombardment of the Gaza Strip, where authorities reported that the number of Palestinians killed in one week already exceeded 200. Several attacks targeted private homes for at least five Hamas leaders, including  the former Foreign Minister of the government of Gaza, Mahmoud Zahar. By Wednesday morning, Palestinians in the […]

World must stop Palestinians genocide by Israel – Nawaz


Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday called the Israeli brutal atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza Strip as genocide asking the world to urgently stop the Israel’s naked aggression. Nawaz Sharif in a statement that these crimes against innocent civilians, women children and elderly, were unparalleled in the recent history of the world. “I am […]


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