Main challenge in Gaza: reconstruction of more than 17,000 homes

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 10:49:51 by
gaza strip shelling by israel

Gaza begins again. What makes illusion, who is confident that, this time, the new truce open the door to a lasting peace that will not break in a year or two, with a new offensive. The streets of Gaza, and for a long time still covered with rubble, this morning are full of life, with citizens trying to regain the routine and recount what was lost. Estimates of the Palestinian government, it will take no less than 4,500 million euros to restore Gaza prior to July 8, when he began Operation Margin Protector. They have lost 90 million euros a day. The estimation of the last eight days of battle foul after the latest cease- fire failed partial, so the figure will surely confirms economist Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Mohamed.

The main emergency is the reconstruction of houses completely destroyed by Israel, 17,200 according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations in the Palestinian Territories (OCHA). There are 38,000 severely damaged. Attacks on private houses -just since the weekend the Israeli army sank five residential towers, leaving homeless about 2,000 people, have led to the number of refugees is now 475,000. Of those, 290,000 are in schools UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, and in other public schools or relatives’ homes. ” This figure is six times the expected maximum number of displaced in our contingency plans and is unprecedented in 64 years in Gaza,” remarks OCHA.

There are also 216 schools of all types reached by the projectile, which is impossible to give classes. On Saturday officially began the school year in Gaza and the West Bank, but in the first of the territories and a lesson was heard. It is impossible. The Palestinian Ministry of Education confirms that the bulk of the classroom could be ” cleaned up ” to teach in two weeks, but only if sufficient support for it comes. In emergency situation are also the 58 hospitals and health centers damaged or sunk, whose recovery is essential. In addition, there are gaps of a hundred drugs, if started by the terms of the ceasefire, must enter a priority. Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing is preparing for it, after 50 days, leaving a very small flow of goods, by constant closures ” security ” and the danger to convoys once inside the Strip.

The money is urgently trying to achieve from different UN agencies, before the first week of September a major international donor conference in which he will try to get the bulk of what Gaza needs to be held in Egypt. Western nations come to ” readiness ” but “firm” when defending the projects paid for with its funds, sometimes destroyed three times by the constant bombardment of Israel, said last week the Foreign Ministry of Norway, one of the sponsors of the summit.

Gaza wants to return to the starting point but in fact can not, because he lacks the 2,138 dead neighbors on offense. Of these, 484 are lower. Of the total, 70% were civilians, the UN insists, although Israel claims to have killed at least a thousand militiamen. There are 142 families who have lost three or more members of the clan and 89 who have died in all its components. Palestinians wounded 10,300 rub. Among them are a thousand children suffer permanent disability, the extent of his injuries or poor back care. The only rehabilitation center for the Al Wafa, is closed for demolition. 373,000 children urgently need psychosocial support for war trauma: nightmares, violence, isolation…

Gazans have achieved an average of six hours of light due to partial repairs that have been made in the days of the ceasefire, although the supply of water is slower and almost 40 % of the population need to use tankers. The Maan agency quoted a spokesman for the Department of Chronic Diseases which explains the lack of hygiene is causing severe skin infections, especially among refugees. There are deep, scabies and lice, too.

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