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Merkel to visit Kiev to push end of conflict

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to visit Ukraine on Saturday as the guest of President Petró Poroshenko in a wave of diplomatic contacts to resolve the war crisis in the east. The announcement coincides with confirmation that the Russian and Ukrainian presidents will attend the 26th at a regional summit in Belarus in which they […]

Hamas military commander’s wife and 3 years old son killed by Israel

israel shelling on gaza

Hamas has accused Israel of directly attacking Mohamed Deif, the commander of its armed wing in Gaza. It has not transcended if Mohamed Deif is alive or dead, not even if he was in the house of Sheikh Radwan neighborhood at the time of the attack. According to medical sources in the Gaza three killed […]

Sunni leaders support newly designated Iraqi prime minister


The withdrawal of Nuri al-Maliki’s bid to lead the new government of Iraq opens the way for a national coalition that includes all communities can cope and the Islamic State (EI). The spiritual leader of the Shia Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, on Friday reiterated its support for the designated Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, and […]

10,000 wounded still have limited access to Gaza hospitals


The UN last week warned that the health system in Gaza was ” on the brink “. Now, during the truce, the ravine was only a few millimeters away. The need to accommodate 10,181 wounded remains “borderline” hospitals. “It’s a frustrating challenge. Dozens of people remain in critical condition and not expected to survive. They […]

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes on Iraq


American President, Barack Obama, is at it again as he recently gave orders for airstrikes on Iraq. Iraq used to be a warzone because of USA for quite some time. Some claim that in the past it was done due to political unrest in the country, while others claim that America wanted oil. After the […]

Palestine Fears More Bloodshed after Ceasefire

Palestine is currently in a state of war with Israel as they are trying to take over Gaza and have started a proper ground attack. More than 1900 Palestinians have already lost their lives and Israelis are willing to pour more Palestinian blood. However, Hamas and Israeli army has currently approved a 3-day ceasefire. So […]

Israel Hamas Agree 3-Day Truce


Israel finally agrees to a 3-day ceasefire after it has managed to kill 1900 Palestinians during the war that is taking place in Gaza. The nation that has been labelled as ‘war criminals’ have been targeting women and children and are trying to kill every single Palestinian who currently resides in the Gaza district. Palestinians, […]

10 More Palestinians Die after Israeli Attacks

Israeli ivasion of gaza

The war-laden Gaza is now turning out to be a graveyard as Israel is not backing down from penetrating into the city. With the sea on one side and the Egyptian border on the other, fleeing from the Israeli attacks seems like an impossible option for the people of Gaza. It is being reported that […]

U.S. and UN blame Hamas for failure of ceasefire

israel shelling on gaza

United States has not hesitated to draw Hamas as the main, if not only responsible for the violation of the last humanitarian ceasefire with Israel that had both side negotiate to Washington. From the White House to Secretary of State, John Kerry, who had personally announced Thursday the latest attempt truce, the conviction was overwhelming […]

Hamas denies capturing Israeli soldier


Hamas has acknowledged on Saturday his responsibility in the ambush on Friday in which an Israeli soldier was captured, but said the attack preceded the onset of humanitarian truce that took effect early Friday morning and lasted just hour and a half of the 72 planned, so as the Islamist group, did not violate the […]

Is Egypt losing role as mediator between Israel and Palestine?


After the dismal failure of its peace initiative last week, Egypt has lost the role of mediator who had served in previous conflicts in Gaza. The change in the geopolitical balance of the region and, especially, its bad relations with Hamas have compromised its credibility and effectiveness as an intermediary. However, the gap left has […]

Israel reinforces Gaza operation with over 16,000 reservists

israel shelling on gaza

The Israeli army has mobilized 16,000 reservists to reinforce the military operation and replace the existing troops are on the ground in the Gaza Strip. The transaction will provide “rest for troops already mobilized ” and ” increase the number of reservists for a total of 86,000 “, as reported by a spokeswoman for the […]


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