Merkel to visit Kiev to push end of conflict

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 3:35:21 by
Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to visit Ukraine on Saturday as the guest of President Petró Poroshenko in a wave of diplomatic contacts to resolve the war crisis in the east.

The announcement coincides with confirmation that the Russian and Ukrainian presidents will attend the 26th at a regional summit in Belarus in which they participate for the EU José Durão Barroso (Commission President) and Catherine Ashton (chief diplomat). After diplomatic contacts sponsored Berlin this weekend, the conflict between the Government of Ukraine and the pro-Russian rebels enter a phrase seems deeper negotiations, although these days the civilians are suffering some of the bloodiest coups.

Donetsk city is being bombed by government forces, and victims multiply both its center and related populations, such Makiivka. On Monday, at least 17 refugees were killed in a column fleeing the fighting in Lugansk. The Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine (CSND) has said so, and blames separatists attack the convoy. The rebels deny this and argue that the way in which the displaced leaving Lugansk is constantly bombarded by government forces. According CSND spokesman Andrei Lysenko, the victims are many more, but only 17 bodies have been recovered and six wounded in hospitals recover. Rescue efforts had to be suspended for fighting in the area between Kiev forces and rebels.

Lysenko said the rebels had completely destroyed the convoy, which was under artillery fire area and Novosvitlivka Jriashchuvatie. According Ukrainians, many were burnt in vehicles. While some separatists blame government forces for the attack, others suggest that it did not exist and challenge Kiev to present evidence. So far the attack has not been confirmed by independent sources or are published photos or videos.

Marie Harf, spokesman for the State Department, said Washington ” strongly condemns ” the attack. “They were trying to escape the fighting, but unfortunately became victims of them,” said Harf, who said they can not guarantee what forces had carried out the deadly attack.

In Merkel’s visit, which means a boost to the Government of Poroshenko, ” will discuss the situation in Ukraine and the relationship with Russia. Concrete support to Ukraine in the current crisis will also discuss ways “says the German Government.

Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert, Merkel expanded in Kiev wanted to talk about ” concrete possibilities to support Ukraine in the crisis.”

According to the press office Poroshenko, the president had promised to continue negotiations Merkel in Berlin that ended without the expected commitment to a cease-fire sostenido.Pero sources close to Merkel admitted that one of the issues that would be referred to in Kiev Ukraine’s desire to obtain military aid from the West and find a way for the return of OSCE observers east of Ukraine.

West accuses Russia of destabilizing the situation in the eastern regions of the country, and introduced economic sanctions against it. Moscow responded to them with the prohibition of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits from countries that joined the punitive and as acknowledged Tuesday Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, are developing the list of new countermeasures in if the United States and the European Union choose to introduce new sanctions.

“They are studying different variants. We repeated repeatedly that Russia is not party to speak in the language of sanctions and it was not who initiate them. But additional measures are being developed for the case that our partners continue this destructive practice, “said Peskov, who refused to implement the measures. These include the prohibition of transit flights over Russian territory which used European airlines for your trip to Asia and the limitation or prohibition of imports of cars.

Russia has asked be required to Kiev to deliver recordings of air traffic controllers who guided the Malaysian aircraft to areas of eastern Ukraine where they were fighting and that was shot down on 17 July. So said Vitali Churkin, Russia’s UN representative, who added that he has also requested the Secretariat to report to the Security Council on how they research the tragedy. The Kremlin, which has been accused of being involved in the demolition of Boeing and from the beginning has denied claims to be interested in an independent investigation.

Meanwhile, the Russian humanitarian aid convoy still unable to cross the Ukrainian border, apparently in hopes that the International Red Cross for guarantees for the safety of its officers of the parties in conflict.


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