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West Bank mobilizes against attack and military occupation


“We will not launch rockets, even stones. We wish to begin to transform Palestinian politics from the base and really fighting for our rights. Gaza today is the most urgent challenge. ” Majed Bamya Speaks committee member of 48ThousandMarch, one of the organizations in these 22 -day Israeli offensive on Gaza, convened frequent protests throughout […]

Netanyahu: “attacks will continue until destruction of tunnels ”

israel shelling on gaza

Neither undeclared truce or calm by calm, not a day over humanitarian pause… Israel ‘s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday has left the language of the last days and returned to the charge, the defense turned the offensive against Gaza. In a televised appearance in the country, has argued that “there is no more […]

At least 60 killed in an attack on a bus of prisoners in Iraq


At least 60 prisoners were killed Thursday and eight policemen injured in an attack on the bus prisoners were taken  in northern Baghdad (Iraq). A group of gunmen launched the attack with explosives that exploded when the vehicle in the Al Taji. The attack has provoked an intense exchange of gunfire between security forces and […]

Wrath of Israeli offensive unleashed on Palestinians in West Bank

day of anger west bank palestine

Five Palestinians, all civilians, were killed Friday while participating in two different protests, called in the Day of Anger called by the main factions in the West Bank to protest the siege of Gaza. With them are eight deaths in the area, the other major Palestinian enclave, east of Israel.  The march of the night […]

Israel and Hamas began a 12-hour humanitarian truce in Gaza

israel shelling on gaza

International calls to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip have achieved a first minimum agreement. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian truce, which began Saturday at seven o’clock (CET Spanish). Hours before this covenant confirmed, the UN, the U.S. and Egypt proposed a truce of seven days, coinciding with the upcoming […]

Militants reportedly mandated circumcision of women in Iraq

Jaqueline Badcock

The militia movement Islamic State (EI) has ordered that all women between the early teens and up to 49 years in the areas it controls in Iraq are subjected to genital mutilation, as revealed Tuesday responsible for humanitarian aid UN in that country, Jaqueline Badcock. ” This is a statement we have been informed this […]

Pakistan Demands end to Israeli Aggression

Pakistan has finally decided to take a stand against the Israeli aggression that is taking place in Palestine. There are not many countries who are speaking against the acts that are being carried out by Israel. However, there are others who have labelled it as genocide, since several women and children have lost their lives […]

No safe place for residents of Gaza

israel shelling on gaza

Professor Ibrahim Kilani and his family fled their home in Beit Lahia, a town north of Gaza on Thursday when Israeli soldiers began its ground invasion of Gaza. Many Palestinians then thought the infantry and tanks would attack northern territory, so Ibrahim took his five children to Shiyaiya, east of Gaza City. They came out […]

7 more Gazans Killed in Israeli Raid

gaza strip shelling by israel

It was reported from Gaza City once again that the Israeli raid has taken down 7 more people. The world media is still quiet about the situation and the Islamic leaders are not the ones who want to take action on this matter.   Palestine is now being taken over by the Israeli military as […]

Abbas closes ranks with Hamas

Mehmud Abbas Palestine president

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has endorsed the demands of Hamas to the negotiating table with Israel to the offensive against the Gaza Strip. This morning, in a meeting with the highest decision-making body, Abbas has chosen to support Hamas conditions to reach a ceasefire, the key point is the end of the blockade imposed on […]

Israeli Missiles Continue to Pound Gaza

Israeli ivasion of gaza

It was recently reported from Gaza City that the situation is only becoming worse for the Palestinians. The Israeli military that was once only trying to defend itself from Hamas is now actually on the front foot in order to eradicate all Muslim people who are residing in the area.   The death toll has […]

Libya’s neighbors mobilized to spiral of violence and chaos

Libya crisis

The fear of the chaos and inner turmoil in Libya, where in the last week fighting between various Islamist and tribal militias and some of them in combat with the coup General Khalifa Hifter have caused 59 dead and 180 wounded, has put its neighbors on high alert. Tunisia and Algeria contagion fear and fight […]


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