CDA continues to ignore the deteriorating condition of the multipurpose sports complex in F6

Pakistan is known as having one of the most corrupt governments in the world, yet when it launches certain projects, like the development of the multipurpose sports complex in F6, one cannot help but appreciate the effort and think maybe, just maybe, the government does spare a thought for its people after all.

True, it may not end the power shortage crisis, poverty or illiteracy in the country, but it does give its people an opportunity to escape from these problems, albeit for a short while.

Yet, for over two years now it seems that the Capital Development Authority has long since forgotten of the sports complex which is in desperate need of repairs and renovation.

What was once a superbly maintained facility is close to becoming unusable. The basketball court has what can only be called mini-craters and the football ground is losing its prized artificial turf to expose the concrete below.

Almost everyone who plays there says one of two things; ‘when are they going to fix this place up?’ and ‘remember this place in the beginning and look at it now’.

Neither show the CDA in a positive light and both defeat the purpose of what the facility was built for.

When one asks the staff at the ground when they plan on relaying the artificial turf and doing some repairs, the reply always seems to be ‘next month’. Which would have been fine, had they not been saying it for the past two years.

The lack of turf and the appalling condition of the basketball court may not be life-threatening but they are something worth complaining about for two reasons; firstly, the cost of renting or booking the ground is on the expensive side and people tend not to get what they paid for.

Secondly, they do tend to cause a number of injuries as players stumble, trick and fall regardless of the gear they have on.

So one has to ask the question as to why the CDA continues to charge a high price for a facility that is running on its earlier reputation and why they are not making an effort to give the place a much needed renovation and restore it to its earlier glory.