Increasing traffic creates immense problems in Lahore – Part 2

A questionnaire containing 18 questions and answers to highlight traffic problems in Lahore and the solutions:

1- What is the condition of traffic system in Lahore?

The condition of the traffic system in Lahore is very poor and it is getting worst with the every passing day. Almost 80 percent people think that the traffic condition in Lahore is pathetic and it will remain the same until some drastic steps are taken by the Punjab government. It has become a routine practice to witness worst traffic jam because of a huge number of vehicles on broken and narrow roads in the city. The condition is getting worst as no proper steps are being taken even on the main roads which are also used for heavy traffic. The condition of these roads is very poor which creates many problems for the citizens.

2- Do people follow the traffic rules normally?

People in Lahore partially follow the traffic rules. A survey revealed that 50 percent people follow the traffic rules but the rest of the people do not consider it their duty and ignore the rules. They cause disturbance in the flow of the traffic and also become a reason of severe accidents in which people get injured and sometimes these accidents take away the lives of people.

3- Should traffic police impose traffic rules?

The survey told that more than 80 percent people are in the favour that traffic police should impose the traffic rules with greater level of responsibility. Some also say that it should be implemented strictly without giving any leniency to anybody who violates the rules. About 20 percent people also hold the opinion that the reason of the violation of rules should also be considered as sometimes people ignore the rules in order to take a patient to the hospital or such other urgent case. On the whole is the opinion of majority of the people that traffic police should make the implementation of traffic rules possible.

4- Are traffic wardens doing their jobs with honesty?

Almost 66 percent of people say that the traffic wardens are doing their job with honesty: however, there are almost 34 percent people who say that the traffic wardens are not doing the job with complete honesty. They say that sometimes the traffic wardens become very harsh and do not even bother to what people say. At times the traffic wardens punish people in the form of “chalaans” without any reason. However, as a whole the traffic wardens are doing good job but there is a considerable margin of improvement in the behavior of the traffic wardens, which will play a crucial role in the improvement of traffic system in Lahore.

5- Does poor condition of roads cause severe accidents?

Almost 50 percent people say that the bad condition of roads becomes the reason of accidents, but 50 percent people hold the opinion that it is not only the bad condition of roads, but the wrong driving of people also causes accidents. The need of the hour is to take rapid steps to repair the roads, particularly those roads which are used for heavy traffic so that the ratio of the accidents could be minimized. The people are also required to become responsible while driving which will definitely reduce accidents.


To be continued in part – 3