Waar – Pakistan’s upcoming blockbuster

Pakistan is a country which seldom produces a quality feature film, as the industry is not in a very healthy position at the moment.

However, there are a few people, who have taken the initiative and are determined to make a name for their nation in film making.

One of these names is Bilal Lashari, whose debut film ‘WAAR’ is expected to hit the theatres across the globe in 2012. The focus of the movie will be on the current situation of Pakistan where the country is fighting terrorism.

The interesting thing about this movie is that it will be the first ever Lollywood/Hollywood collaborative with an estimated budget of $2,000,000, making it the most expensive movie ever produced in Pakistan.

Another aspect of the movie is that it will be filmed on 4k resolution, making it the first film ever in Subcontinent to be shot on such camera. A very renowned Hollywood action movie ‘300’ was filmed on the same camera.

WAAR’s success will be crucial for the revival of cinema in Pakistan. It will be an action thriller and will feature the country’s top actor Shaan Shahid, who played the lead role in Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster film Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God).

Shoaib’s movie was acknowledged worldwide and gave boost to the Pakistani film industry. He recently launched another movie ‘Bol’ which also turned out to be a blockbuster all over the country.

Apart from that, there have been some attempts by the local film makers to produce a few good movies. This will definitely help the industry to blossom and the Pakistani cinemas will also benefit from this.

In recent years, majority of the Pakistan cinemas have been showing Indian movies, which are more popular in the country than local films.

This has also made it hard for the producers in Pakistan to invest in a Lollywood movie. However, the recent work of some quality people like Shoaib Mansoor, Bilal Lashari and Shaan Shahid has given a hope to the country.

This positive hope might encourage the producers to invest more and more in future projects and possibly revive the film industry in Pakistan.