According to many technology and awareness these days have reduced patience in us, specifically the young generation falling under the age group of very early teens to late twenties. Due to the fact that marriages these days are usually quite late than what use to be before has given a chance to the parents to analyze the attitude of their off springs to a further extent, some finding it more adaptable whereas some consider it to the most inflexible.

The job market has shrunk in context the context of the degree a student gets at the end of graduation but the versatility has gone beyond horizons that were nothing near believable in our parents’ time. Multiple shifts, working without a degree, working from home even working from a different country is now possible. These options have made the generation way more multitasking than never before.

Young ones these days have classes (which also mostly come with timing options now), have their own blogs and sites and proper part time jobs as well. They are today managing all that at a time which people before use to achieve at different stages of their life step by step.

According to me realistically this has not made the generation restless or impatient at all rather it has bestowed us with the sense of time management which I am sure elders when were our age could not really think of. The issue comes when we have to ‘balance’ things, time for work, studying, family, friends, festivals and occasions, social circle (that is now defined with proper sub categories), colleagues from work, and colleagues from where we were working before. (There can be an additional article for only completing the list!!)

The limitless exposure that we have today in shape of various social networks have made us wise in a way that we stay ‘safe’ from befriending or including as our acquaintance those who might be a ‘bad influence’. These networks make us more wary and savvy and more constructive as far as our career orientation is concerned.

According to me being ‘cyber savvy’ has also provided us with an opportunity of linking and relating to our family on a different level, searching for a song or a book that father cannot find, telling mother how to book an order for something that she wants to purchase or getting connected with far flung relatives which seemed impossible before. Or even reading movie reviews with the siblings and laughing over them.

Here I do not mean to connote that we stop spending quality time with our families outside the home, I was trying to justify the ‘balancing’ factor that each one of us has to build in before it’s too late and we start regretting.