Rehman Malik! Oahh Sorry Dr. Rehman Malik

Teachers of Karachi University observed protest demonstration against the conferment of an honorary doctorate degree on Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik for his services bringing peace in the business hub of the country.

What they really meant by peace in this context is beyond understanding. Search operations are still going on in the economic hub of the country and yet Interior Minister has failed to reveal the real culprits behind the carnage.

Alike anyone, I am also confused about which unique efforts the governor is pointing out to? Is really the peace restored in the city?

Was it done after the loss of many innocent lives? Many mothers lost their sons, wives lost their loving husbands and innocent children lost their caring parents. Are these really matchless services for the residents?  Malik awakened from his sleep of ignorance after traders and investors had endured huge losses because of the worsening law and order situation in Karachi.

The honorary degree has not only affected the integrity of the Karachi University but it also discourages those who work hard to acquire high-status academic positions. There are many persons in other walks of life particularly in the social sector, who are far more competent for the honorary degrees as compared to the minister.

This point is beyond my understanding that on what yardstick, the University of Karachi though him competent for such an admiration.

Across the globe, people are conferred on honours for their excellent participations to their countries, communities and professions. Phil Tufnell – former cricketer was awarded with honorary degree of doctorate, recognising his outstanding accomplishments in the field of media as well sports.

Mostly honorary degrees award to those people who spend their lives for particular purposes; the trendsetters, the dedicated personalities work for the betterment of the humanity.

There are many who have sincerely put up a struggle for the cause has gone uncrowned and unappreciated by any leader and institutions.

The new practice to award degrees and conferring honours is only mean to add credentials and prestige of leaders. The least that I ask is degree awarding institutions should be kept away from such immoral political affairs.