Where does Imran stand after massive show of power in Lahore? Part 1

No doubt it was an extra ordinary crowd that responded to the appealing call of ‘Change’ by chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore on October 30. This is also true that more people attended his congregation than those of the rally of PML-N, staged couple of days before. The mighty courtyard of Iqbal Parl was a jam-packed by all means as Khan was going announce the future line of line of action for directionless nation that has been robbed on numerous times by time tested raiders.

Tehmina Durrani, the ex wife of Mustafa Khar, (now Mrs. Shahbaz Sharif), and the author of famous novel ‘My Feudal Lord’ has narrated the psyche of Pakistani nation in a simple and straightforward way. She satires on ‘the destined to be ruled’ people in her biography while saying that, “People (of Pakistan) are like sheep and they will follow a man whom they think, knows the way”.

Same is the case with Imran Khan and his supporters, as none of them knows what they are struggling for? The question rises, if the current political leaders have failed to deliver, so we should hand over the country to a man who couldn’t organize his party in more than 15 years. How one entity could be capable of running a country that could not form a proper team to communicate with the common man? Is no it ridiculous?

Second leadership; yes the body which works at grass root level is no where in PTI. This is the combination which makes the team looking strong and people could perceive how effectively it could fight for them. The ironical and ridiculous situation needs no more explanations when ‘spirited’ and so-called ‘lovers’ of Imran fail to name even five members of his going to be ‘champions’ side.

Possibly few had learnt those names after the show. Overall, Imran delivered an ideal and fantasy type of speech that is not new for the nation if they have got an average memory. Such promises and tempting words have been repeated on times and again by almost every newcomer.

To be continued….