The venom of brain drain has existed in our country longer than the tenure of any government till yet. There are certain justifications to it but anyone at all with a little sense would know that the long term impact is adverse and we have even fallen victim
of it now.

For the majority of the population any ‘x’ or ‘y’ amount of foreign currency flowing their way and then getting converted into the Pakistani rupee means way more to them than any other form that may return less initially but would be more beneficial in the
longer run.

For us the short term luxuries like a television or a new washing machine or even new clothes sometimes more important than the well being of the nation. These youngsters when stay back and serve within the country, only then will it start boosting with
the opportunities that right now seem far flung to us.

This is not a day’s matter rather it is one of those sorts of issues that remains in the pipeline for very long and only then the positive outcomes start spurting. Logically once the economy of the country itself stabilizes, the need for going abroad solely
for earning purposes diminishes right there and then.

The intellect, skill and capability of these hundreds and thousands of graduates and post graduates once when will get invested back into the economy then with the help of the government and other institutions the flight for the economy will only be made

The future benefits of this short term sacrifices are beyond imagination as it will attract Foreign Direct Investment, Multi-National Companies and investment on the whole. It will transform the image of our nation altogether and will make it far more credible
than what it actually is considered right now. A very simple and small scale example is of our National Airline that a little more than a decade back was recognized as a benchmark for the rest of the airlines worldwide.

This is not a change that will come around overnight neither is it a change that can be managed single handedly.