Rain with thunder storm expected in Sindh and Boluchistan

A new wake of rain and thunder storm is expected in the coastal areas of Sindh and Boluchistan from today. The Met office of Sindh released the forecast today, on November 1, stating lower parts of already rain ruined Sindh will perceive more from today.
The Met office has also warned the fishermen to remain careful and avoid going far into the sea in next few days. The director of Pakistan Metrological Department Dr Muhammad Hanif also told the media about the new and unexpected change in weather.

Talking about the technical and natural aspects behind the widespread expected rain aspecially in Sindh, the director said that, “A tropical depression or strong weather system that formed in the Arabian Sea on Sunday is likely to move towards Oman’s coast
until Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, but none of the coastal areas of Pakistan are likely to be directly hit by this strong weather system.”

The director further said that, “However, under the influence of this weather system, widespread heavy rains are expected along Makran’s coast from Tuesday evening to Thursday and scattered rains with thundershowers might also occur in lower Sindh, including
Karachi and the flood-affected areas, on Wednesday or Thursday.”

The reports also include the warning of remaining near the shores while fishing in Araibian Sea, particularly in Makran, Baluchistan. The reports state that, “The fishermen of Balochistan are advised not to venture into the open sea from Tuesday to Thursday
(November 1 to 3) because the sea conditions are likely to remain rough to very rough during the period. However, the fishermen of Sindh may continue their activities along/near the coast”

However, the reports have been denied by Sindh office as the regional head Naseem Shah told the media that no such warning have been issued by them. The Sindh Chief Meteorologist further said that media is creating the hype in this regard which could throw
a bad impact on the already suffering people rain hit areas.

Sindh has been largely hit by long Moon Soon season which resulted in flood that created large scale calamity in the region. Thatha, Badin, Nawabshah, and some other coastal areas perceived huge rains during July and August.