Spy caught in plagiarism row

Students are known to get into problems with plagiarism. Every year universities hand out plagiarism booklets and what not to do. As students have gotten smarter and found out new ways to bend the rules and get away with it, intelligence agents are still
far behind on this route of cheating the system.

Russian spy, Anna Chapman, is embroiled in a plagiarism row after bloggers accused her of copying passages. She has been accused of plagiarizing a controversial Kremlin spin doctor, after one of her columns was published in a tabloid newspaper.

Ever since her deportation from the US, Chapman is enjoying time in the limelight. She has become a renowned entrepreneur, television personality, and cheerleader for the Kremlin.

Bloggers have stated that the news savy ex-spy has used text from a book by Oleg Matveyechev in her article on mass market Komsomolskaya Pravda. The poet who has been robbed in this incident is Russia’s most revered poet, Alexander Pushkin.

"Just half a century later, liberals and socialists flooded Russia and killed the tsar, and then set the course for the revolution," she wrote. "I’m confident that things would have been different if Pushkin had managed to write his mature works."

It has been claimed that this is almost a direct copy of Matveyechev’s book. Matveyechev was a member of Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin’s United Russia.