Black Hour the band comes out with their new album Salvation

Black Hour is an English metal band from Islamabad, Pakistan and it was formed in 2007. With enough band changes in the early years, Black Hour finally got stable in 2009 when they released their first single, “age of war.”

After getting a good response from the fans about the song and performing it live in many cafe’s and other concerts, Black Hour started working on their second original, ”Salvation” which was out in the start of 2010. The band then decided to work on their
debut album “Age of War.”

This album took more than a year into the making but was finally out on 25th October 2011. Via yourlabel records, USA and afterwind records, Pakistan.

The new album hit 1000 plus views overseas, mainly in USA, Australia, Indonesia, India and Canada. And the album is also played on the U.S. college radios along with other online internet radios.

Soon, the album will be on Amazon, mp3 and iTunes.

Black Hour is a band which has now become an example for all the underground bands of Pakistan. Most of the bands look forward to becoming as hard working as this Pakistani based English metal band.

Few of the song recordings can be found on youtube while the others can be purchased online. Moreover, their live performances are also available on their official youtube channel and their facebook page which is liked by a lot of their fans in not only
Pakistan but the world.

Black Hour have become one of the only few bands who have managed to play in underground music and now they are becoming famous worldwide.

Black Hour’s line-up has changed a number of times in the past but currently they have are a 5-man band.

Saad Javed plays the bass and he is aided by Hashim Mehmood and Mubbashir Shiekh on the guitars. Both the guitar players are able to play the leads and rhythms simultaneously. The drums are played by Hashim Mehmood’s younger brother, Daim Mehmood – who is
an extremely brilliant talent compared to his age.

Tayyab Rehman is the vocalist for the Islamabad based English metal band and he has really turned things round for them. His high range and powerful vocals are one of the basic reasons why the band can easily cover and play metal.