Sindhi nationalist leaders say they will not let the Government Issue a new ordinance

The Sindh Dost Rabita Council chief Barrister, Zamir Ghumro, along with the Sindhi nationalist leaders, including Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz leader Bashir Qureshi and Jaey Sindh Mahaz leader Riaz Chandio,
yesterday held a joint press conference at the Hyder Manzil against the federal government, who wants to entrust the constitutional powers of the provincial government to the local government.

Barrister Ghumro told the media that the previous government ordinance has been expired, as Ghumro stressed it was not presented in the Sindh Assembly. Other leaders present at the press conference also
supported Ghumro. They stated an ordinance cannot be reintroduced because there was no such provision in the 18th or 19th amendment.

“The local government ordinance of 2001 expired after the 2002 elections because it was not presented in the Sindh Assembly, it is technically not valid anymore,” said Zamir Ghumro.

The Sindhi nationalist leaders claimed that they will stage a protest, if the government tries to introduce a system. The Sindhi leaders, who had gathered at GM Syed’s house to fight for their rights as
part of the Save Sindh Committee led by Jalal Mehmood Shah, insisted the new ordinance only mentions the federal and provincial governments and if it gets introduced there will be no place for the local government.

“The current coalition government is trying to introduce a new system,” they said. “We will not let the government issue a new ordinance, especially since it was rejected by the assembly in 1979. We will
start a movement against them if they do so.”

Meanwhile, Jalal Mehmood Shah also shared his thought with the media.

“The fact that the city government is responsible for the city administration is illegal,” Shah said. “The Sindh Assembly has no right to entrust the constitutional powers of the provincial government
to the local government.”

Shah also appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftekhar Mehmood Chaudhry, to take actions against the lawlessness.

Moreover, in the end Qureshi, Shah, Chandio and other nationalist leaders present at the conference disclosed that they all will stage a sit-in in front of the Governor House on November 19, 2011 against
the local government system, if they see no actions being taken.