US hits the Haqqanis in another Drone Strike

US drone strike killed at least three suspected militants in northwest Pakistan on Thursday, November 03, destroying a compound in a mountain stronghold of the Afghan Taliban’s Haqqani network, officials said.

The attack took place in Darpakhel Sarai, just outside Miranshah, the main town of North Waziristan, the most notorious bastion of Afghan Taliban and al Qaeda-linked fighters in Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt.

The CIA operates a covert drone programme which targets suspected militants in countries like Pakistan.

It’s possibly the United States’ worst-kept secret even though it has opened up a debate about the legality of international state-sponsored killing of adversaries.

The United States is essentially deploying aerial robots to wage war along the inaccessible border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The drones conduct intelligence and reconnaissance missions and fire missiles at the enemy.

Drone “pilots” at CIA headquarters in Virginia move joy sticks around as they watch live video feeds of militants entering compounds, moving along winding mountain roads or planting bombs in northwest Pakistan, which President Barack Obama has called “the
most dangerous place in the world”.

Militants who spent years fighting with AK-47 assault rifles are suddenly killed with the push of a button. At the end of the work day, drone pilots simply switch off their office lights and head to their homes in places like Virginia suburbs.

Meanwhile, the US is also pushing on Pakistan to take action against the Haqqani Network in order to find a way out in a decade long war as the US and allied forces plan to pullout of the war ravaged Afghanistan.

Haqqani Network are considered as the most dangerous anti-US group fighting against NATO forces.