Sherry Rehman appointed as ambassador

The government of Pakistan has recently appointed Sherry Rehman as the new Pakistani ambassador to the United States of America. The appointment was made necessary because of the resignation given in by the former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., Hussain

Haqqani had handed in his resignation in the wake of accusations made against him that highlighted the former ambassador as an apologist for the Americans. In short, the accusations held Haqqani responsible for reigning in the Pakistani military at the time
that the U.S. raid was made that caused the demise of Osama bin Laden. It was indicated that Haqqani had asked for American aid in order to stop the Pakistani military from carrying out a coup in return for compensation.

Rehman was initially an editor for the popular monthly news magazine in Pakistan by the name of Herald. She later joined mainstream politics by becoming a member of the federal parliament in the year 2008. Only a few months after Rehman joined the Pakistan’s
People’s Party, its leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. The bond between Rehman and Bhutto went back a long time as the women had been friends previously. This relationship played an important role in the joining of the PPP by the newly appointed ambassador.

The following comment was made by one of the U.S. officials in Pakistan while talking to the CBS News: “Sherry Rehman’s appointment is good news, she is a very good choice as an individual." however, the official who wished to remain anonymous also added
that the "the opposition will continue to clamor for an investigation to see if president Zardari himself ordered Ambassador Haqqani to reach out to the U.S. The focus right now is on Zardari and his actions that his opponents say were meant to damage the
Pakistani army."

Despite the fact that the speedy appointment of Rehman is a healthy sign, the newly appointed ambassador to the super power has various challenges to face. The top most issue that Rehman will be facing is to enhance the discussions between Pakistan and the
U.S. about the relationship between the two nations.