Acting wasn’t Arjun Rampal’s top priority

The star of recent hits such as Om Shanti Om, Rock On and Rajneeti, has said in a recent interview that acting was not his top most priotrity as he always wante to go in the army. However, he became an actor with his first endeavour way back in 2001.

 “I always wanted to get into army considering I was brought up in that environment, I saw my grandfather fighting for the country and always living a disciplined life. I also wanted to make a difference but I guess life had some different plans and I became
an actor. I met Rohit Bal and got my first break as a model and since then it has never been looking back. I definitely don’t regret making the choice,” Rampal told the media.

His inititial years were a struggle as he failed to get reckonized in the presence of the three Khan’s along with Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. However, times have changed and the actor has now seen doing diverse genres and his is relishing to conquer the

Arjun also talked about his role along side Kareena Kapoor, in the movie, Heroine, which will be produced by UTV and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.

“I did make some suggestions which I thought were for the betterment of the film. They were kind enough to accept these changes,” said Arjun.

“I don’t mind doing heroine-oriented films. I’ve done one with Kareena in the past (We Are Family). But at this point in my career I cannot do supporting roles. Heroine is basically a love story between the actress and the actor played by me. It’s a challenge
for me because I’ve never played an actor before,” added the 38-year-old.

Now making his small screen debut aswell with Love 2 Hate U, the actor says that the reality show is an interesting concept and is excited with his new role.

“I am very excited and nervous about my debut on small screen. It is all about getting a person face to face with the celeb they hate the most. It is something we as celebs face all the time.”