Happy Feet Two fails to live its expectations

The sequel to the academy award winning movie, Happy Feet Two opened with a disappointing figure at the Box Office. It grossed $21,237,068 from 3,606 screens, which is barely the half of the $41,533,432 that the first Happy Feet made on its opening weekend
in November of 2006.

Approximately 50 percent of the Box Office earnings came from the 2,825 screens that showed it in 3D. Thus after adjusting for ticket price inflation, Happy Feet Two achieved less than 45 percent of its predecessor’s attendance figures. Negative reviews
led this happen along with a five year gap between the two parts.

Expected Box Office figures by major websites predicted an opening weekend of $35 million to $45 million, thus its performance was far underwhelming. Among 2011’s animated films, Happy Feet Two’s opening weekend ranks 8th. Kurt Orzeck of the Vancouver
Sun has reported that, "due to the poor performance of Happy Feet Two, 600 of the 700 employees at the Sydney-based Dr. D. Studios, the digital production studio behind the animated movie, have reportedly received their walking papers."   

The 3D Computer animated family movie, Happy Feet Two, received mixed reviews from film critics. Review aggregator of Rotten Tomatoes reported that 42 percent of critics gave positive reviews based on the 81 reviews.

Kyle Smith of the New York Post stated, “Happy Feet was one of the greatest and most original animated films, but the sequel can’t even decide what it’s about for the first 40 minutes.”

Even the positive reviews are like these: Keith Cohen of Entertainment Spectrum stated, “This cheap knockoff has the same energy & spirit of exuberance, but the flimsy story is not as strong as its predecessor. The movie suffers from cliché-ridden dialogue
after exhilarating highs from a string of big musical numbers featuring…”

It received mixed or average reviews with a score of 50 out of 100 from the site Meta Critic. The decision was based on 25 critics.

IMDB on the other hand gave a rating of 5.8 out of 10 based on forty-six critics.  

However, $135 million budgeted movie will be good way to pass time with your family, nevertheless poor reviews and bad Box Office reception.