Adnan Ahmed impressed with new Pakistan coach

Pakistan midfielder, Adnan Ahmed, has expressed his appreciation of new coach, Zaviša Milosavljevi?. The Bradford Park Avenue man recently joined the camp but was keen to lavish praise on the new boss.

Zaviša Milosavljevi? has been attracting accolades from all players and fans ever since his appointment by the PFF. The trainer is a big upgrade on Tariq Lutfi and like everyone; former Manchester United man Adnan Ahmed also had nothing but admiration for

Speaking to reporters, he said that although the tactician had not been present for a long time, he has worked on the correcting several key issues and his presence could herald a new beginning for the Green Kickers.

"Since I joined up with the camp, I have been very impressed with the coach’s methods.”

"Obviously he hasn’t been there long but in this short time, he has worked on shape and formation which has been lacking in recent years. Hopefully this year’s tournament will be the beginning of a better future,” he said.

While some claim that foreign players are not always committed to the team and prefer playing for their domestic sides, the 27-year-old for one is eager to don the Pakistan jersey and claims that it has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to

"It has been a pleasure to represent my country. I have met some great people along the way and have been blessed to visit some great places and have so many wonderful experiences. I thank God for giving me these opportunities."

Lastly, he said that although Bangladesh had been able to get the better of them in the World Cup qualifiers, he and his team will be looking to avenge their defeat in the prestigious SAFF tournament.

"I was very upset especially with the first match. It shouldn’t have been allowed to be played. If we had fair first fame, I think we would have had an excellent chance of going through” Adnan Ahmed was quoted as saying.

Touted to be one of the best players available to the Green Shirts, Adnan Ahmed will be key for the Pakistan side. However it remains to be seen what impact he has given the new formations and tactics that are going to be employed by the new coach.