Bahria University Football Team – Analysis – Goalkeepers

Nahyan Shahzada: With the Bahria University football team suffering from a number of defeats due to their inability to possess a decent goal keeper, it felt like godsend when Nahyan made his first appearance for the team.

The young keeper came into the side as an unknown, but has since then gone on to become the team’s first choice keeper, due to his brilliant performances on the pitch.

In all honesty, the Bahria team would be rather incomplete without Nahyan and this is a fact that everyone on the team is well aware of.

The keeper has tremendous understanding of the game and is often found shouting at his defenders, telling them what sides of the field to mark and what players to take out.

Apart from that, the keepers ability to read the game is outstanding and his diving saves are amongst the best the team has seen.

Nahyan’s no nonsense attitude in front of goal has helped him keep a number of clean sheets for the team and should he continue down the same path, he could easily go down as the best keeper to play for the team.

However, Nahyan also adds a sense of superstardom to the team, as he is the only player to have his face plastered all across the country, due to the modelling career that he seems to have taken up on the side.

Hopefully, his links with the media will help the team get some much needed exposure in the future and land them a sponsor or two.

Lastly, the young keeper is probably the only player on the team who actually wears the appropriate protective gear before heading out onto the pitch, in order to keep himself guarded and his baseball cap to top it all off, has now become the player’s trademark.