Hate is the only suitable emotion for selfish and insensitive people

It does take time for a person to open his eyes to reality and realize just what a cold and cruel world we are all living in. It is polluted with self-centered and selfish people. Every single person is busy using someone else as a tool to achieve his selfish
motives, after which the tool is discarded in a way that one would discard a tissue paper after using it to wipe one’s nose clean.

It is just so annoying to wake up in the morning thinking that the world might have changed a little overnight, only to realize that everyone is just as cold-blooded as ever. People are still too busy chasing their own selfish goals without caring just how
many other souls they use as a stepping stone in order to get to their goal.

This world is also full of ungrateful people who simply refuse to acknowledge or appreciate the little things that you for them. You put your own comfort aside and focus on doing whatever you can to make life a little bit easier for them. Even though you
might be thinking too highly off yourself by assuming that you can do anything that effect their life significantly, at least you are making an effort.

How does that person show his appreciation to you in return? By simply ignoring whatever you did or were trying to do for them and go off to become a source of comfort for another person, completely ignoring your sacrifices. Instead, they want to go off
and help the people who did not even bother to leave their comfort zone to seek help.

Many people may refer to anger as a curse, but I call it a blessing as it allows us to treat people the way they deserve to be treated. The heart turns a person stupid and makes him do stuff that people do not deserve. The ruthless souls need to be treated
with ruthlessly, or if that is a bit of an inconvenience then their existence should be ignored completely.

To hate someone from the very start is a different thing and the emotion is at times quite volatile. However, to respect someone in the beginning and gradually lose that respect due to the insensitive and selfish attitude of that person gives birth to hatred
that is so pure that your insides start burning with rage every time that person appears in your sight.

To hell with people and to hell with whatever they want to acknowledge. Sometimes it is best to let your hatred lead the way. People would not appreciate the way they would be treated by you if you hand over the steering wheel of your life to hatred, but
they really should have seen it coming for a long time now.