Stagnating the market with look a likes and me too products cannot really be classified as innovation or can it be? We are taught that even if its skimmed milk that is being offered then it has gone through research and development that has effectively made
it different from let’s say cream milk. Using this example as a starter I just wanted to hint upon the various fasts foods that we find in each market of whichever city we are living in.

All that is being offered by almost all the fast foods is something that you find in the fast food just a few blocks away, the only negligible difference might be that if that the next one might also be offering other forms of fried potatoes rather than
only fries.

Even the sitting arrangements that they come up with are hardly different. The menus and deals rotate around the same concept just maybe with only an insignificant degree of variation in the filling. The prices are more or less same too with similar tax
implications. The location of most of these fasts foods is not really different too, for instance in Islamabad F-10 is the place where roughly all these joints are present with other options too of course.

So why is it that we wish to visit place A at times and then place B some other day. That is because we seek out for ‘experience’. Each department or superstore has the same product categories and commodities available but the reason we want to try out something
new or switch at times is perhaps due to the stagnant experience or boredom from the monotony or just the excitement and thrill of trying something new.

Whichever company these days is selling or offering whatever is not what gets consumed or utilized in case it is a service, rather it is the name that they sell, it is the ambience that they offer, it is the experience that they create and it is the perception
that they keep feeding into the customer so that it keeps thriving and you continue going there or buying whatever it is.