Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception received exceptional reviews

One of the most successful movies of 2010, Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, received awesome ratings and mainly positive reviews. The movie was released on July 2010 and it rocked the Box Office.

The 148 minutes flick follows a highly skilled thief, Leonardo DiCaprio (starred as Cobb) who gets a chance of redemption which involves executing his toughest job to date. His job does not involve stealing things; however, it focuses on stealing ideas which
no one can even think of.

 $160 million budgeted flick is directed by Christopher Nolan, the man who brought The Dark Knight. In addition to this, Nolan is also the producer of the movie along with Emma Thomas. Music is given by Hans Zimmer and the budget was divided among Warner
Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

The movie stayed at number one spot for three weeks and became one of the highest grossing debut movies of all time. Inception grossed a total of $825,532,764 worldwide. It also became the highest grossing science fiction movie which was not an adaption
or a sequel, next to Avatar.

The exceptional flick received mainly positive reviews from top critics.

Empire magazine rated it five stars in the August 2010 issue and wrote, "it feels like Stanley Kubrick adapting the work of the great sci-fi author William Gibson … Nolan delivers another true original: welcome to an undiscovered country."

BBC Radio 5 Live’s Mark Kermode named Inception as the best film of 2010, stating "Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash, and that it is possible for blockbusters and art to be the same thing."

TIME magazine’s Richard Corliss wrote the film’s "noble intent is to implant one man’s vision in the mind of a vast audience … The idea of moviegoing as communal dreaming is a century old. With
Inception, viewers have a chance to see that notion get a state-of-the-art update."

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 86 percent of 280 critics gave the movie positive reviews with an average rating of 8 out of 10.

If you haven’t got grip of this movie than fasten your seat belts and get one copy now as it is a must watch movie for everyone.