“You need grooming” is what was told to her by a friend who had been around since last five years………or is she even a friend?? Doubt and confusion is what surfaced and engulfed
her mind.

Her life was a struggle for survival throughout as she was not among those who have their fathers and brothers behind their back, she was ‘the last one standing’ refusing to give up due to those who tried covering up their inferiority
behind such venom filled sentences.

Actually, talking and commenting is all that they can do as their lips go sewn once it comes to facing someone who challenges their ability and confidence…both and a lot more that does not exist in their personality. When it would come to discussing issues
with the teachers or presenting something in front of the class or arranging an interview session then they would look upon
her-the friend.

This is how hollow they are, what their lives revolve around is dressing up, getting their hair dressed, putting on make-up and imposing something that they wish they were and fake it as it was never theirs and can never be accomplished this way. They learn
the basics from –the friend who had a childhood that was filled with everything trendy and all that one would wish for.
The friend was habitual of wearing those jeans from as long as
she can remember and these imposters started putting them on once they saw the rest.

The friend had to give up the fun of being a young university student because she was now surrounded with responsibilities that did not even give her a chance to glance towards the mirror. She was so tangled up that she failed to
notice that she always had socks and sneakers on which according to them defied all fashion statements.

However, the friend will still move on as there have been many who have tried to obscure her path before and what she has is not that can be bought and put on.
She has an unparallel confidence which they consider as
her ignorance and rudeness. She knows how to speak her mind and argue logically even if it is a teacher who has led her to confusion and they call it her misbehavior. She has the potential and ability to give
an unprepared presentation at any point of time for any sort of audience.
holds the trust and faith of her mother which according to them is her weakness.

What they have will come and go with money and what the friend has will stay with her as that is real her without any make up or fancy clothes. She owns something that has no replacement, no matter what amount of money they have,
they will still stay deprived……..