By all means it is the best part of the year. It gives you the option of so many activities and plans that you just dread throughout the year, specially in summer. Everything about the daily routine turns out to be way more tolerant and even pleasant. When
you wake up in the morning, the day ahead looks inviting and tempting but perhaps the only difficult thing about the weather is to leave the warm and cozy bed and step into the cold washroom slippers.

The clothing aspect is most fun throughout the season as it can just not be more easy and effortless for both the genders. A pair of jeans with a warm sweater and sneakers sets you for the day. One tends to stay way less conscious about ‘the carrying’ element
and you can put on as much as what gets you to the comfort zone which just does not stand true for summer.

Shopping becomes a tireless activity during the winter because one can just go on and on with it, without sweating all over or getting exhausted or thirsty after the first half hour. You do not mind walking around the shopping centres and malls due to the
activity oriented weather.

Plans with friends take an altogether different shape when the moods are more apprehensive and all agree readily to the propositions against shunning them down which becomes the scenario otherwise.

Being the final semester of our Masters’ degree, we have a class just once a week or with the height of it, the number may go up two. We make it a point to walk to the nearest Markaz each week for eating and hanging out every time after the class. Now walking
that distance and enjoying would be a fry cry during the summer and to be honest an unbearable thought to even begin with.

The options that you have for eating, sipping and munching away are a lot more than what a person can manage at any other time of the year, specially in summer when one specifically likes sticking to beverages only. This time of the year you have got soups,
corn, dried fruits, hot chocolate, coffee, tea in many forms and of course ice cream that keeps one busy when they are out.

The ‘look’ of the city is more exciting as well, instead of the scorching hot sun and sweating people, a person gets to see frosted grass in the morning with the dew chilled on it. The leaves of so many different shades that shed from the trees are so very
cute and a treat for the eyes. The trees themselves turn into an enticing array of colours.