Wife is the most discussed thing in funny poetry, comic prose, sitcoms, coffee table meetings, mental hospitals and offices. One may wonder is this so important a being? Yes, of course, she is………not for the fact that she mothers your children, but
due to her detrimental repercussions on life.

Here, we shall take a look on some key effects that a wife casts on the life of her husband.

Infringement of freedom

A person with wife is no more a free human being. He is unable to enjoy the enfranchisement the nature has endowed on him. He is merely a robot, a puppet and a surrogate. Straight from office, he is bound to reach home where a ‘look busy do nothing’ wife
is waiting, I object, for him to go for shopping or dinner. If a husband wants to eat hot prathas or take a cup of tea from some roadside vendor at mid night, he will not be allowed to go as ‘obedient’ wife offers him to make these things at home, and he,
in courtesy, refuses. A husband cannot make friends and invite them on tea on his own. In short, life after wife is fettered.

Husband becomes a beast of burden

A husband loses rest and serenity from his life forever on the very day his wife comes. In order to meet  her desires, he needs to earn more money and for this purpose, he has to work like a beast of burden from morning to evening. He cannot take leaves.
He cannot have picnic with his friends. He cannot quit a job where he does not feel comfortable. He cannot give charity. He cannot purchase his clothes on his own. And much more.

From man to a lapdog

As wife is a crownless king of the house, husband has to serve as a slave who cannot even think to disobey her. He is merely a lap dog who does silently what he is commanded. He cannot pinpoint the mistakes of her wife who, like boss, is always right. Moreover,
if wife is a religious lady, husband has to offer prayers and observe fasts regularly.


Though all the above-mentioned things are true, but it does not mean that man should not marry at all. Marriage is the completion of life. Life after marriage can be made happy and easy if both the parties understand each other. There should be a balanced
relationship between the two. Get marries and make merry. Stay blessed.