My image of broken families and their torn apart members is outrageously different from how the majority views them and without considering even for a second just renders them invalid from the society for no other apparent reason than their own insecurities
and doubts of what the world will think of them if seen with such members or God forbid to keep or extend relations with them.

Something that sets them apart from all those who have ‘normal’ lives but just do not have the courage and bravery to set themselves free from an ongoing and never ending torture, is that they have way more confidence than the
‘normal’ once can never even dream of. They are so flexible that they adjust to different environments, people and atmosphere in no time, which actually is their strength.

They are no non sense people and do not take bull shit as they have sacrificed and compromised with so much already that making more unjust provisions and leverages is just not on their agenda. They are straight forward, respect those who deserve it and
are way more receptive to concerns and issues of others as they themselves have been through it.

People who have faced broken family scenarios are very hard working. I do not mean to say here that the rest are not hard working but it is just to emphasize on the fact that they go through such situations that they are bound to built the hard working element
in their nature no matter if they wish to or not and it is honestly they themselves at the end of the day who benefit the most from them.

They are far more level headed in a sense that they have a strong decision making power as they have already taken the landmark decisions in their life which would impact those who are (or were) part of their life, will become the part along with the future
of everyone who is intervened in the chain.

They have already went through and experienced the stages that the rest are yet to see and learn through!!