2012 – New Year – New Hopes – New Aims

What Pakistanis have in their mind when they entered 2012, as people around the corner started the year with the usual round of celebrations. The only logical pledge was that a majority of our people can make is to live on.

Yet this is no easy way in the time of rocketing high price rises and the energy crises that cast gloom everywhere and continued insecurity over the future of the government and with it the country itself.

Literally, there was nothing really to celebrate the New Year. However, we should try to look the situation quite deeply. Despite the enormous hardship our masses face, they show absolute flexibility in their routine matters that is commendable.

When many people speak often of wrongdoing and corruption in the country, at the same time many people economize on an honest living by working extra time or doing two jobs a day to meet the requirements of their families.

Although these people deserve much better than this, their bravery needs to be hailed. But they want a government to work in their interest, particularly resolving their day-to-day issues.

Every sign one can read on the faces of these people describes that 2012 will be as much harder as the 2011 was. One can anticipate that there will be a good time in the near future for the already hapless people.

Pragmatically speaking, such time is very much unexpected.  The country will need a miracle to come out of crises what it is facing for past few decades.

People are not responsible for the crises at all. It is a misfortune that they are facing so deeply as a result of what is going on. Presently, we only require leaders able to anticipate better future and hold a candle that shines at the end of the tunnel.

No one is showing such type of light in the current scenario rather making tall claims for the bright future. However, the matter of concern is that the hope should not be ended at all. Pakistan has plenty of potency, skill, commitment to work, and talent
in its ordinary people.

The only thing is to that all the above mentioned qualities should be managed in a proper order with sincerity and loyalty. The better life is not far away if we able to adopt these things in 2012.