Reasons behind increasing number of suicides in Pakistan

Suicides in Pakistan, which are increasing with the passage of time, have become a major social problem. What leads people to commit this excruciating act is the most important question which passes through the mind every time when someone kills himself.

This frightening issue invites attention of government and media to think over the matter and eliminate the reasons that push people to commit this extreme act.

Numerous reasons are out there that pushes a man into the depth of despair and leave no way out for him to get rid of his misery but to commit suicide. It is only disappointment which pushes them to end their lives in a cruel and inhuman way because they
do not find any other option that could help them to beat their problems.

The most common and basic reason which drives people to get relief from the clutches of a painful life is poverty. The lack of basic amenities of human life leads towards starvation that makes people commit suicide without even thinking it a wrong act.

People commit suicide to get rid from this painful condition of their lives. They even forget that Islam does not allow this act in any circumstances.

In Pakistan, where the basic system of government is not working properly, this worrying problem is getting worst as people do not find the solution of their problems. They feel themselves alone in the depth of disappointment and find no way out from their

Currently, the most common reason for the suicide is the lack of employment which not only affects one person but the whole family. People desperately want jobs but find nothing but desperation which creates frustration and it leads to them to commit suicide.

Suicide cases in Pakistan have grown many times bigger as compared to the past decade as now people are in a miserable condition. In the past, people never committed suicide because of these issues but now these problems have grown into major driving force
to commit this extreme act.

Making people educated and giving them respectable sources of earning will certainly help them to live a satisfied life and they will never commit this act because it is the dissatisfaction and despair that lead them towards self killing.