Super 8: A movie for those bored out of their minds

If your extremely bored and are about to lose your mind due to boredom, than watching ‘Super 8’ is something that you should do right away, otherwise stay far, far away.

For those looking for some quality cinema and something to blow their minds away than this is certainly not one of those movies because it is hard to say whether it was made to be a joke or some serious cinema.

It was directed by J.J. Abrams, who is well known for Armageddon (1998), Mission: Impossible III and Lost, along with Steven Spielberg being the producer, I am still amazed at what these two brilliant minds made up this time around because watching it was
not one of my best experiences.

‘Super 8’, is basically a sci-fi thriller which deals with a group of young friends in the late 70’s who are out to make a zombie movie on their own and due to a weird and confusing series of events, get caught up in a scary situation which also consists
of a metal hungry monster who just flies off in the end in his abnormal space ship.

Despite some reviews around the net about how great of a production this movie was and how brilliantly it was planned out, watching it thoroughly for nearly two hours, I still cannot come to say something positive about this.

The acting was definitely not the problem in this case. The young actors like Joel Courtney, who plays Joe Lamb, and Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning’s younger sister playing Alice Dainard), have some serious roles in the movie and are able to portray them in
a fantastic manner, but still, there is no flow to the story and everything just seems out of the random.

Viewers will come to a standstill when the army invades the small town, because throughout the invasion, it is not clear why they are there, what they plan on doing and how this is all being done without proper civilian intervention.

The air force just comes and evacuates a whole town overnight, which just seems outright impossible, especially on the basis of a self created fire, which ends up blowing up nearly half of the place.

The monster is weird; the storyline seems amateurish along with the flow of the movie just going from A to F instead of B and than directly back to D.

I would rate ‘Super 8’ a 5/10.