Who is Pakistan’s best goalkeeper?

The Pakistan National Team has a plethora of goalkeeping options to choose from. Newspakistan analyzes which shot-stopper is the best and should be regular starter under Zavisa Milosavljevic.

Jaffar Khan:

The current first-choice under the Serbian, who put in a superb display in the SAFF Cup in December. The veteran goalkeeper was thought to be way past his prime as he was primarily responsible for the torrid performance against Bangladesh in the World Cup
qualifiers in Dhaka.

However he seems to have revitalized under the stewardship of Zavisa and would have definitely been a contender for the goalkeeper of the prestigious South Asian tournament if Pakistan had made it forward.

The new coach was full of praise for Army man and said that he was undoubtedly the best player in the goalkeeping position that the Green-Shirts had.

“Jaffar played extremely well during the SAFF Cup and is the best goalkeeper of the country,” the tactician was quoted as saying.

While Jaffar Khan has seemingly turned a new leaf, it remains to be seen whether he can maintain his momentum given his age.

Yousuf Butt:

Plying his trade in Denmark with Hellerup IK, Yousuf came into the spotlight when he was picked by Tariq Lutfi in his Olympic Qualifiers in early 2011. While according to Lutfi, the player wasn’t committed enough, various sources have described him as being
a hard-working and very talented shot-stopper.

Playing in a foreign league and fighting to make it into the top tier of Danish football, Butt should be called by the Serb for the upcoming U-22 Asian qualifiers and under his guidance, the 20-year-old should cement his berth in the National Team.

Naiman Khan:

The French-goalkeeper attended the camp alongside Yousuf Butt, but was taken ill and could not battle it out to secure his position between the posts. However videos on the internet displaying his talents have been watched by the football fraternity in Pakistan
and many claim that he is indeed good enough to play for Green-Shirts.

While it would be difficult to select one of the three, this writer believes that despite his tender age, Yousuf Butt is best goalkeeper at Pakistan’s disposal.