Become successful while staying in Pakistan

It has become a mind-set of a huge majority of people from all over Pakistan, whether they belong to lower, middle or upper classes, that for having a better future they need to go abroad. It has become a most common trend in every region of the country.

There are several reasons that have generated this mind-set and have aggravated this trend. The major and most important reason is lack of employment in our country that forces people to go abroad and work to earn a better living.

The second important reason is that people have got disappointed with the current system in Pakistan as there are many problems including the unemployment, poverty, shortage of electricity, gas and fuel and many more.

All these problems are the basic amenities of a man’s life and in this country these basic facilities are not sufficient to survive.

However, there is another aspect of this issue. If we look at the current situation of whole world, every country is facing the issue of unemployment due to recession. Economies of even advanced nations are collapsing with an incredible pace.

People who go abroad from Pakistan find nothing but labour jobs and the worst situation in this regard is that even labour jobs are also hard to find at the moment.

Most of the overseas Pakistanis are living in England, Canada, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and some other states of Middle East. In all these countries, the Pakistanis are in trouble as they have become insecure regarding their jobs.

By remaining in Pakistan, you may not have those facilities which advanced countries are providing to their masses but you certainly have many other things which you will never find abroad. You have a strong family system over here which supports you even
in your worst circumstances.

Besides this, you have a national pride that you are living in your own land among your own people. You will never find that security on a foreign land where Pakistanis found themselves helpless against the natives.

If you work hard, you will definitely find the required job to survive as Allah himself has promised that your hard work will never get wasted. You will definitely get reward of your hard work in one way or the other.

Work hard for finding the means of better future and respect this motherland and leave the rest to Allah. He will certainly reward you with what you want as He always bestows what people strive for.