We are a strange nation and somewhat stoic too. Sufferings, sorrows and deaths do not make any big difference to us—be it ours or of fellows beings. We can kill and can be killed without bothering much about the value of life.

The spurious drugs, which have killed at least 71 people in less than a week, have not descended from heavens. No demon has made them. No god has marketed them. No America, no India and no Israel has caused their production.

But we, the Pakistanis, have produced and administered them on our patients so that they can die easily instead of living with ailments. We have tried to do a great virtue and we will surely be rewarded for this whether in this work or the world hereafter.
Who knows!

Our medical doctors, whom we call masihas (saviours) have helped the medical raps to bring the killing medicines on the counters of our public hospitals. They have not rendered their help free of cost, but charged huge commission. Thus, they have architected
this murderous plan to earn living for their children.

This has not happened for the first time in this country. A number of cases were being reported in the past but no one from our administrators ever bothered to take action against such pharmaceutical companies which daringly produced substandard drugs.

Believe me, nothing will happen even this time. A few days of media uproar, a couple of assembly bills and some little demonstrations—nothing else. This is the value which we grant to our lives which are with us just for once. There is no second chance.
There is no other option. There is no reincarnation.

But what can we do? After all, we have to cater our desires, we have to fill our hellish stomachs, we have to amass bank balance, we have to travel in luxury cars, we have to dwell in glaring mansions and we have to live comfortable lives. Alas we could
understand the meanings of comfort!

The cheapest commodity in Pakistan is life. It is available everywhere every time. We can and go and by it with ease. After all, we are a strange nation and somewhat stoic too.