Pakistan: The land of disappointments

Being a Pakistani, there are certain expectations that I have from my people. These expectations include morality, integrity and brotherhood. However, every day I find myself facing disappointment.

This country and its people lack the very basic elements of humanity, let alone the characteristics of Muslims. We constantly dwell in fear that the Zionist or Americans are conspiring against us, when in actual the only real threat that has actually put
the future of our country and nation in doubt is us.

We can claim innocence all we want, but the fact remains. We are worse than rabid dogs. Where love, justice and freedom was meant to be the defining characteristics of Pakistan, we ended up making the land granted to us by God a place of hatred, injustice
and conservatism.

We are worse than rabid animals, a fact highlighted by a number of tragic incidents that have taken place in the recent past such as the Sialkot incident where two brothers were mercilessly beaten to death and then their dead bodies were hung upside down
simply due to an issue pertaining to a street cricket match. While the two brothers were getting beaten up, the crowd gathered at the site was simply acting as spectators instead of coming to their rescue. There were a handful of people capturing the entire
incident on camera with the intended motivation of putting it on YouTube and Facebook later on to become popular in the internet community.

There are so many acts of inhumanity that are carried out on our soil on daily basis and yet nobody makes an effort to put an end to it. We simply sit and discuss the various challenges faced by the country, pointing out the flaws rather than searching for
a solution.

There is absolutely no justice in Pakistan. Courts are too busy focusing on irrelevant and immaterial cases that have got nothing to with the problems of a common man. Instead, they are too busy focusing on listening to cases of people who are already dead,
or wasting their precious time in determining the authenticity of a memo.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan had promised so much at the time of his restoration. Yet, there was not the slightest bit of change in the activities of the government and it seemed that corruption got even worse. Despite the deteriorating conditions of Pakistan,
law is looking as useless as ever.

The people of this nation disappoint me as well as they try to cheat their own so-called brother at every given opportunity. The rickshaw drive over-charges ages you, the tandoor wala overcharges you and even the office-boy attempts to rip you off.

Unless the nation changes their mind-set, we will continue to get tortured at the can the upper management.