US to support an independent Balochistan; congressional hearing convened for discussion

Washington: (Wednesday, February 08, 2012) Completely disregarding the currently deteriorated state of affairs between the two countries, the United States is all set to support an independent Balochistan.

According to the news, the US committee on Foreign Affairs has convened a congressional hearing today to hold an exclusive discussion on state of human rights affairs in the largest province of Pakistan.

The event, extraordinary in nature, has generated great interest among the followers of US-Pakistan relations. Yesterday, there had been news about America contemplating to offer unconditional apology over Salala check posts attack,
rendering 24 Pakistani soldiers dead. The news created a hope that relations between the two countries may improve.

But with the present news hitting the media, the situation is expected to get exacerbated.

The powerful House of Representatives committee has the merit to oversee USA’s foreign assistance programmes and in context of the present news, experts are of the view that the US assistance to Pakistan over human rights violations
in Balochistan may be halted.

Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican Congressman, who lately co-authored an article with Congressman Louie Gohmert, in which support for an independent Balochistan was expressed, will chair the congressional hearing.

With US remains unmoved over state atrocities in Jammu & Kashmir, defence analysts in Pakistan are of the view that present hearing can be Pakistan’s ally’s on war against terror arm twisting to pressurize it for rendering unconditional
support to play its role in making USA’s negotiations with Taliban fruitful and to resume the NATO supply line to Afghanistan.