As many as fifteen peacocks were reported dead at the Lahore Safari Park last month. The cause of death has not been confirmed yet however, it is believed that the killer virus, H5N1 commonly known as ‘Bird-Flu’ is the probable reason behind the loss of precious birds.

Sources have revealed that the virus has entered the city and is most likely to spread in the coming days. Government of Punjab has not taken any necessary measures to protect the citizens from the disease which can be lethal in the days to come.

The H5N1 virus erupted back in 2005 and it took almost three years to finally get rid of the disease and it was ultimately removed by July 2008. Government of Pakistan spent almost Rs.18 billion for preclusion of bird flu.

However, the precautionary programme was terminated in June 2011 by the Government. Experts believe that all the previous efforts will be wasted if the programme is not activated or if any new case of H5N1 is witnessed.

Everyone is aware of the bird flu virus and nobody can deny its lethal effects once it starts to spread. It took a number of lives last time in Pakistan and around the world and if the news are true and the virus has already spread, why are we not informed about it?

A powerful and a renowned journalist warned about bird flu through his twitter page earlier today and suggested to avoid chicken meat for the coming days.

He wrote, “It has been a long day for all of us but i shall give you more inside stuff in the morning. Meanwhile plzzzzzzz stay off any chicken meat”.

The message caused a fuss through thousands of people and they started inquiring about the issue. Many believed that the post was just propaganda and the reporter was just trying to tarnish the image of Punjab ruling authorities.

He replied, “You can think whatever you wish to but I am obligated to tell you that right now it will be injurious to eat any chicken meat. Pls avoid it”.

It was also revealed that the only reason behind the news being kept hidden is because, “A powerful member of the ruling family has investments in poultry business hence the news being forced to subside so he doesn’t loose money”.

The Punjab Government is already under deep water after ‘Dangue’ and the ‘Fake Medicine’ scandal which claimed a number of innocent lives.

If the news about Bird Flu is true then it might serve as a last push to the stumbling Government unless they come up with something positive to avoid any further loss.